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Monday, October 20, 2003
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Ohio Fashion from 1804-2004

By Adrienne Gavula

Ohio University researchers have shifted the noses on dinosaurs, helped ease the stress of migraine headaches and painted a picture of baseball played during the Great Depression. Rarely, however, have they had the opportunity to explain their work to such a diverse audience, as they will for the Bicentennial Colloquia to be presented in Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium at 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons.

The series of Colloquia are open to the campus community and public and are trying to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of the faculty's work.

Sky ConeSky Cone, assistant professor of Human and Consumer Sciences, will be speaking Tuesday, Oct. 21, about Cycles of Fashion 1804-2004.

"I am looking at fashion from the point of view of showing what the students, professors, farmers and others were wearing at that time," she said. "Clothing from the common man and woman."

She will be showing slides, and mannequins will be on display to link fashion with Athens.

The latest emergent from 1804-2004 is casual dress. Cone finds it fascinating. Each year, there are prevailing styles.

"One thing about Ohio and what marks most of the Midwest is the classic, traditional clothing," she said. "We want our clothes to be comfortable."

Cone will also address why people wear the different styles. Sometimes it will be because of available resources or the function of the clothes.

She is extremely excited to participate in the Bicentennial Colloquia.

"I'm excited to get on stage and say Happy Birthday Ohio University," she said. "I love this University and it's exciting to feel that sense of history."

"In a technological age, we can't forget our history and the Bicentennial Colloquia is a great way to showcase this," Cone said. "It will showcase the past and bring it into the present and future."

Cone links the other Colloquia topics to fashion. The pilots, astronauts and political leaders all have a certain style.

"Clothing has something to do with everything," she said.

Adrienne Gavula is a student writer with University Communications and Marketing.
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