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Friday, October 24, 2003
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Classified employees recognized for service at outdoor ceremony

For the first time, the Classified Service Awards reception was held outdoors. Photo by Rick FaticaATHENS, Ohio -- Ohio University hosted the 34th Annual Service Awards Program on Oct. 22, in front of Nelson Commons. The reception, which was held outdoors for the first time, was held to recognize bargaining and non-bargaining classified employees who have or will complete 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years of service at Ohio University this year.

Vice President for Administration and Finance Gary North opened the ceremony by thanking the employees for their many years of faithful service and Associate Vice President for Human Resources Jim Kemper presented longtime Classified Service Awards voice Alan Boyd with a certificate of appreciation and an Ohio University bicentennial pillow. Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing Hub Burton served as master of ceremony.

Recognized employees were presented with a gift voucher to University Printing Resources and a t-shirt. Local band Barely Makin' It provided the entertainment.

"Despite the weather being a little chilly, it was a great event and I was pleased with the attendance," said Classified Senate officer and event organizer Alexis Cline. "Our budget for hosting the reception was reduced this year, but we still managed to provide an atmosphere that allowed the employees to have a great time."

For more information, contact Alexis Cline at (740) 593-2579 or cline@ohio.edu.

Here is a list of the 2003 honorees:

10 years of service

  • David K. Betts,Physical Plant-Chillicothe
  • Mary E. (Beth) Brown, COM-Social Medicine
  • James L. Conn, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Andrea L. Conner, Development
  • Marcella R. (Marti) Crabtree, Payroll
  • John David Dehmann, COM-Administrative and Community Svcs
  • Molly D. Delaval, Recreation and Sport Sciences
  • David Wayne Dupler, Comm Network Services
  • Jill Anah Estep, Admissions
  • Vickie Jean Fluharty, Mail Services
  • Carol S. Fraunfelter, Administration and Registration - Zanesville
  • David Wayne Gillogly, Campus Safety
  • Terry Lee Glenn, Residential Custodial Services
  • Wendy L. Graber, Custodial Services-Area A
  • Darrell L. Hillen, Custodial Services-Area B
  • Jennifer Sue Jacobberger, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Francis Leonard Kinnison, Dining Services - Shively
  • Roger D. Lafollette, Grounds Maintenance (Lower Campus)
  • Carrie A. Linscott, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Tammy L. Little, Campus Safety Department
  • Robert Howard McCarley, Airport Operations
  • Chris L. McCauley, Residential Custodial Services
  • Esther M. McClain, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Floyd Hunter McDermott, Heating Plant
  • Craig B. Mehr, Library
  • William F. Mingus, Environmental Services
  • Marian A. Neff, Dining Services - Nelson
  • Cindy J. Oliver, Continuing Education-Zanesville
  • Susan F. (Susie) Pitts, Development
  • Travis G. Potts, Campus Safety Department
  • Karen L. Ragsdale, Zanesville Dean's Office
  • Michelle L. Raines, Economics
  • Mary Beth Robinson, Library-Zanesville
  • Brenda S. Schonauer, Residential Custodial ServicesAlexis Cline, Nancy Savage and Gail Sargent of Classified Senate prepare to distrbute t-shirts and gift certificates to the honorees. Photo by Rick Fatica
  • Bruce W. Sherrets, Airport Operations
  • Gregory S. Sigman, Library
  • Boyd Edward Sinclair, Airport Operations
  • Lori A. Spencer, Education, Dean's Office
  • Daniel W. Stewart, Campus Safety Department
  • John L. Swearingen, Custodial Services-Area C
  • Geoffrey Stanton Taylor, Zone Maintenance
  • Denise R. Trainer, Dining Services - Boyd
  • James M. Waggoner, Custodial Services-Area A
  • Vena Arlene Wagoner, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Deborah L. Warga, Custodial Services-Area A
  • Ruth Alice Webb, Physics and Astronomy
  • Terri Whitlatch, University Human Resources

15 years of service

  • Cindy L. Adams, VP Regional Higher Education
  • Rebecca A. Andrews, Airport Operations
  • Kimberly Lynn Bahr, Health Education and Wellness
  • Sharon Anise Ball, Fine Arts, Dean's Office
  • Teresa L. Bartlett, University College, Dean's Office
  • Peggy Ann Bateman, Residential Custodial Services
  • Bonnie S. Behm-Geddes, Aviation
  • Susan Marie Bennett, Dining Services - Central Food
  • Christopher Lee Buckley, Zone Maintenance
  • Julie Maureen Casteel, Environmental Services
  • Robert A. Church, Art
  • Marian A. Coen, Custodial Services-Area A
  • Sharon Kay Conner, Avionics Engr Center
  • Lorraine A. Cook, Visitors Center
  • Christina Anne Dalesandry, ORITE
  • Loretta F. Dehmann, Linguistics
  • Lavonda C. Douglas, Residential Custodial Services
  • David Andrew Dunfee, Grounds Maintenance (Lower Campus)
  • Nelson Earl Frey, Research Compliance
  • Kathie S. Hanning, Student Financial Aid
  • Fred Lucious Hart Jr., Residential Custodial Services
  • Linda S. Heightland, Key Shop
  • Kirt Douglas Jackson, Mail Services
  • Yvonne Renee Jenkins, Computer Services
  • Myron R. Johnson, Grounds Maintenance (Upper Campus)
  • Delmar William Jones, Airport Operations
  • Dorothy D. Kennard, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Helen E. Keyes, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Joyce Ann Kincade, Residential Custodial Services
  • Christina Ann (Christy) King, Mechanical Engineering
  • Deborah L. Kuhn, COM-Specialty Medicine
  • Christina Quivey (Christi) Lee, Student Health Services
  • Martin W. Jr. Lowery, Computer Services
  • Edith Ann (Edie) Luce, Library
  • Gina La'Shele Lyons, Eastern Campus Dean's Office
  • Judith Ann (Judy) Markins, Library
  • Billie Kay Mautz, Zanesville Dean's Office
  • Ruth Jan McCall-King, General Accounting
  • Marilyn E. McVey, Workers Compensation Administration Dept
  • Christy L. Nisley, Bursar's Office
  • Keith Edward Palmer, Relief Maintenance Shop
  • Darla Devoss Perry, Library
  • Fannie Marjorie Pidcock, African-American Studies
  • Doreen M. Redecker, Facilities Management
  • Michael Joseph Riley, Zone Maintenance
  • Kimberly Ann Russell, Interior Services
  • Ruth Ann Russell, Dining Services - Shively
  • Ralph B. Saunders, Physical Plant-Southern
  • Judith Carol Schinkle, Chillicothe Dean's Office
  • Johnny Lee Sesher, University Garage
  • Steven Craig Sewell, Airport Operations
  • Mark Q. Shields, Business, Dean's Office
  • Ronald Gene Smith, Grounds-Equipment Maintenance
  • Janice Lynn Steele, Dining Services - Central Food
  • Jane Taggart, Innovation Center
  • Thomas Gene Trace, Air Cond/Refrigeration Shop
  • Melanie Volk, Teacher Education
  • Mark David Wallace, Comm Network Services
  • Gwendolyn Sue Whitehead, Lancaster Dean's Office
  • Janet N. Wilson, Registrar's Office
  • Fred Alan Zimmerman, Carpet and Tile Shop
  • Randall Lee Zimmerman, Carpet and Tile Shop

20 years of service

  • Steven John (Steve) Andrews, Air Cond/Refrigeration Shop
  • Nathan K. Arnold, Sheetmetal Shop
  • Regan Van Arnold, Carpenter Shop
  • Barrett, Robert Eugene Jr. University Moving Services
  • Norma Jean Beverly, Chillicothe Dean's Office
  • Sue E. Brisker, Health and Human Services-Chillicothe
  • Cecil, Brad Allen Library-Eastern
  • Merry L. Cibula, Mechanical Engineering
  • Charlene Clifford, Research Compliance
  • Timothy Ray Erwin, Dining Hall Facility Maintenance
  • Dennis Fowler, Library-Chillicothe
  • Karen L. Harris, Key Shop
  • Nell Ann Kittle, Journalism
  • David E. (Dave) Logan, Life SafetyJim Kemper presented Alan Boyd with a bicentennial pillow in appreciation of his support as the longtime
  • Jill H. McKinney, Center For International Studies
  • Peter J. McKown, Administration and Registration - Zanesville
  • Richard F. Perry, Zone Maintenance
  • Barbara Jean Richards, Heating Plant
  • Debbra J. Riggs, Admissions
  • Janine E. Scurlock, Judiciaries Office
  • Susan Sheppard, University Human Resources
  • Janice L. Smith, EEG
  • Dorothy Landis (Maggie) Thomas, Registrar's Office
  • Jeffrey T. Welch, Sheetmetal Shop

25 years of service

  • Charlie Ray Adkins, Carpenter Shop
  • William Cecil Albaugh, Physical Plant-Zanesville
  • Jan L. Bernosky, Facilities Planning Office
  • Mary Helen Dailey, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Randy M. Gastin, Key Shop
  • Darlene K. Grubb, Dining Services - Central Food
  • Nancy S. Harris, Chillicothe Dean's Office
  • Lucille A. Kroutel, Student Activities
  • Charlesa S. Llewellyn, Dining Services - Central Food
  • Lars A. Lutton, Instructional Media and Technology Svcs
  • Larry C. McCoy, Heating Plant
  • Julie May McCune, Dining Services - Baker Center
  • Linda Lucille McDonald, Payroll
  • Ruth M. Pugh, Dining Services - Shively
  • Rosemary Therese Rogers, Geography
  • Sarah H. Savage, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Connie S. Smith, Telecommunications Center
  • Betty L. Spaun, Student Financial Aid
  • Theresa L. Wilson, Student Health Services
  • Dennis R. Wingo, Life Safety
  • Anita G. Yates, COM-Academic Affairs

30 years of service

  • Sandra K. (Sandy) Warren, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Margie A. Wolfe, Counseling and Psych Services
  • Nancy D. Worley, Legal Affairs Office

35 years of service

  • Sue A. (Sue Ann) Bolin, Chillicothe Dean's Office
  • Gary K. Cooper, Mail Services
  • Naomi K. Goins, Custodial Services-Area A
  • David A. Miller, Library
  • Rama Yvonne (Yvonne) Nice, Registrar's Office
  • Barbara J. (Jane) Quivey, Treasury Management

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