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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
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Bobcats finish third in 'RecycleMania 2004'

ATHENS, Ohio (April 21, 2004) -- Ohio University finished third in RecycleMania 2004 with a total of 44.02 recycled pounds of waste per student living on campus. Miami University, a co-founder of the annual event along with Ohio University, won the 10-week competition with 58.28 pounds, followed by second-place Dartmouth University (56.22). Miami will receive the Recycle Mania first-place trophy along with this year's bragging rights. The University of Vermont recorded the most improvement during the second half of the competition and will receive a RecycleMania trophy for its increased efforts.

"Overall, we had a very respectable showing and I was happy to see us rebound from a disappointing fifth-place finish in last year's RecycleMania," said Ohio University Refuse and Recycling Manager Ed Newman. "As happy as I am about what we accomplished this year, I also know that we can do a lot better next year, because 60 to 70 percent of the waste that we find in the trash dumpsters around campus is recyclable. It will be important to keep educating the campus about recycling so that we can continue improving the environment."

The schools combined to recycle 2,421,651 pounds, or more than 1,210 tons, of waste during the competition. Last year, 45,770 total students participated among eight schools. This year, 83,536 students participated among 17 schools.

RecycleMania 2004 is a friendly competition between college recycling programs. The schools competed to collect the largest amount of recyclables from residence halls, on-campus apartments and dining halls. Measurements were reported on a weekly basis in pounds recycled per student living on-campus. The field was the largest in the four-year history of the competition.

"Next year, there will be even more schools competing, as the competition keeps growing exponentially each year," Newman said. "This competition is a fun and challenging way to promote recycling without constantly harping to the students that they need to help save the planet."


  1. Miami 58.28 lbs. per student
  2. Dartmouth 56.22
  3. Ohio 44.02
  4. Villanova 41.74
  5. Five Colleges 38.36
  6. Carnegie Mellon 33.54
  7. Harvard 33.18
  8. Vermont 29.61
  9. Brown 27.89
  10. Yale 27.32
  11. S.W. Missouri State 25.05
  12. Western Michigan 23.51
  13. Ohio State 17.07
  14. Arizona State 16.82
  15. Brigham Young 7.08
  16. Arizona 5.77
  17. Washington Univ. St. L. 3.87

For more information on RecycleMania, visit www.facilities.ohiou.edu/fm/departments/recycle/.  

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Media Contact: Ohio University Refuse and Recycling Manager Ed Newman, (740) 593-0460 or newmane@ohio.edu, or Media Specialist George Mauzy, (740) 593-1794 or mauzy@ohio.edu

Editors: A photo of the RecycleMania first-place trophy can be found at: www.ohiou.edu/news/pix/RECYCLEMANIA.JPG

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