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New HR Web site lists volunteer opportunities in Athens County

Nov 4, 2009
By Lauren Bee

Karen Mammone?s friends at the Athens County Humane Society like to call her the ?kitty flipper.?

For her day job, Mammone is an instructor and lecturer for the Department of Biological Sciences. She is also the academic adviser for the Pre-Vet Club, as well as a member of the board of directors for the Athens County Humane Society. 

Mammone?s main responsibility at the Humane Society is adoption, which involves everything from vaccinations to adoption events. Her friends call her the kitty flipper because she does almost everything to prepare cats and kittens for new homes, making sure they get all the proper treatment and that they are going to a good home.

The Office of University Human Resources, in an effort to give faculty, administrators and staff easier access to not-for-profit volunteer opportunities in Athens County, has recently created a listing on the Human Resources Web site hoping it will allow more university employees, like Mammone, to become more involved in the community.

The listing provides profiles of area volunteer opportunities, including contact information, links to Web sites as well as a brief description of each organization and its current volunteer needs.

?The intent was to try to get a snapshot of the organization and their purpose and to provide a context for people who want to go (volunteer),? said Brenda Noftz, manager of employee and labor relations for University Human Resources.

Notfz said that the university's strategic plan, Vision Ohio, helped to inspire the creation of the listing, as one of the plan's goals relates to service and outreach to the community and the region.

?The question was, ?How do we do that here -- how can the employees, the human resources, of Ohio University, contribute to that goal of Vision Ohio??? she said.

Mammone started volunteering at the Humane Society last fall, and said she couldn?t believe she hadn?t started volunteering earlier. She said her love of animals, especially cats, was one catalyst for her involvement, but it wasn?t the only reason.

?I felt all I knew of this town was the university. I didn?t know anyone who wasn?t affiliated with the university. I thought it?d be nice to meet some people in the community and help that way. I also wanted to meet people like myself, people that have a passion and compassion for animals,? Mammone said.

?It?s been really rewarding, particularly adoptions. Some people are so happy. We get pictures later showing happy they are. One person wrote me a letter, saying it was the best thing that ever happened to her. It?s why I keep doing it.?

Mammone also mentioned that her work with the Humane Society goes hand in hand with her role as faculty adviser for the Pre-Vet Club. ?It?s a really good link for me, working there. I?ve gotten a lot of students involved.?


Published: Nov 4, 2009 1:55 PM

Rufus the Bobcat helps the Athens County Humane Society.

Rufus the Bobcat helps the Athens County Humane Society.

Photo courtesey of: Athens County Humane Society. 

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