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Alumni volunteers will lead the next capital campaign for OHIO
Mar 11, 2010
From staff reports

Ohio University continues to make progress on plans for its next capital campaign, recently securing volunteer leadership for the campaign steering committee.

Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis and Howard Lipman, president and chief executive officer of the Ohio University Foundation, have asked alumnus Charles R. Stuckey Jr. to serve as the steering committee?s chairman. They have asked alumnus David A. Wolfort to serve as vice chairman.

"Chuck Stuckey and David Wolfort are great assets to Ohio University, bringing a wealth of knowledge, life experience, enthusiasm and passion," said McDavis. "As loyal alumni they believe deeply in Ohio University?s mission of providing a world-class education for our students, making selective investments in research and creative activity, and expanding partnerships around the world."

Stuckey is eager to take on his new position. "I am delighted to have been approached by President McDavis and Vice President Lipman to serve in this way," he said. "It?s a real honor, and I'm excited about chairing the campaign because it is critical to the university and to the future of our endowment."

Stuckey, a frequent Ohio University volunteer, was chairman, president and chief executive officer of RSA Security Inc. until 2003 and was a director on the board until the company's sale to EMC2 Corporation in 2006.

He serves on the Ohio University Board of Trustees as a national trustee, is a trustee of the Ohio University Foundation, is on the Board of Visitors for the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, and serves on the Ohio University IT Steering Committee.

"The funds and capital we will raise are a part of it," Stuckey said. "But, there's much more: coming back to campus, talking to students, getting reconnected. It draws you in. I was surprised by how deeply it draws you in to being a part of this university. It's an exciting time, and I welcome the opportunity to chair this campaign."

Vice Chairman Wolfort is the president, chief operating officer and director of Olympic Steel, Inc. and has been with the company since 1984. He has served as COO since 1995 and president since 2001.

"Chuck and I are both successful products of Ohio University," said Wolfort. "This is a great opportunity to almost close the loop from a student awaiting acceptance to the university to an alumnus who can give back to OU in multiple ways."

Wolfort is excited to serve alongside Stuckey. "Chuck in not only an OU graduate and a successful business person, but a compassionate individual," Wolfort said. ?His willingness to chair the campaign is another selfless act. And I look forward to supporting him, Dr. McDavis and all the stakeholders in Ohio University in this effort.?

Wolfort is an Ohio University trustee and served on the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board during the Bicentennial Campaign.

McDavis said the men's business acumen is as important as their loyalty to their alma mater in making them effective capital campaign leaders.

"They both understand the importance of strategic planning and of investing in the future, as evidenced by their success as leaders in business and industry," he said. "We are indebted to both Chuck and David for serving Ohio University's campaign with their time, their talents and their expertise."

According to Lipman, with leaders in place, the preparations for the campaign continue.

"We've been engaged in discussions across the university with college and regional campus deans, directors and other senior administrators to identify campaign funding priorities," he said. "Already, the university has begun to talk with alumni and friends about these priorities and to raise significant support."

While specific details are still being determined, the campaign will encourage a broad-base of participation from alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff.

"We really want our fellow alumni to embrace this as not just the success of one individual campaign, but the success of our university into the next century," said Wolfort. "We want all alumni and friends to feel a part of the university, to continue to be a part of it, and to support not just the campaign but the next generation."

Lipman stressed that "the volunteer leadership that Chuck and David will provide for this campaign is crucial to its success. They will set the tone for our work, engage their fellow alumni and be outstanding ambassadors for Ohio University. I'm thrilled to be working with these two fine men as we prepare for this campaign."


Published: Mar 11, 2010 3:46 PM

steering committee 1

President Roderick J. McDavis speaks with members of the campaign steering committee.

Photographer: Kevin Riddell 

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