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Live well @OHIO: Be well, stay well

After spreading the word on fitness and nutrition, series concludes
Mar 11, 2010
By Bridget Coughlin

Throughout the quarter, Outlook has been showing the Ohio University community ways to live well in Athens. The series has competed, hiked, swam, skated, eaten well and relieved student stress. So now what?

Live well was designed to show students and staff that OHIO offers multiple ways to be healthy and happy. It all starts with a little motivation and a lot of balance. Then, all that is left is to combine the physical, nutritional and mental to find a new, healthier way of life at OHIO. 

The winter weather, in particular, can often cause stress, anxiety and depression. For many, it?s not easy to beat the winter blues. But exercising, eating right and taking some time to rest and recuperate can do wonders for your mood. 

Here are a few key tips from previous installments to remember when trying to Live Well @OHIO:

?    Competing in sports helps participants relieve stress, stay physically fit and develop emotionally. Registration for intramural sports during spring quarter will take place April 5-8. Sports that will be offered include indoor soccer, softball, flag football and sand volleyball. Click here for more information.
?    It can be nice to get away from the Athens campus. Throughout the spring quarter, Outdoor Pursuits  will be traveling around the state for whitewater rafting, backpacking, hiking and more. For more outdoor adventures, visit their Web site.
?    Splash around a little bit! It may not be warm enough to lie around the pool outside, but the indoor Aquatics Center is open for use year-round. See what they have going on during spring quarter on their Web site.
?    Work out on a treadmill, lifting weights or in a group fitness class. Ping Center has a lot of exercise options and the Fitness Department is always offering a variety of fun classes. Check them out here.
?    Just because food is healthy, doesn?t mean it can't also be flavorful. There are many resources on campus to help those who want to adjust their eating habits. For healthy eating tips, check  out these stories from earlier in the series: Live well @OHIO: Campus Eats and Live well @OHIO: Eat well, live well.
?    Stressed out? Taking some time for you, even if it's just a few minutes, can make a big difference. Your mind needs time to rest and recharge. If you have some extra time at night, stop by a group yoga class at the fitness center. Too much going on? Grab a cup of chamomile tea to sip on during class. Ping Center has many choices for students feeling the crush of finals week. 

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Following the tips provided in the Live Well @OHIO series can get you started toward a happier, healthier lifestyle at Ohio University.


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Published: Mar 11, 2010 8:00 AM


dive in!

Dive into fitness at the Aquatic Center. Water aerobics, swimming laps or just splashing around are all great ways to get a fun workout. 

Figure skating

Ice skating at Bird Ice Arena is an effective and enjoyable way to get and stay fit. 

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