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Live well @ OHIO: Getting in the game

Intramural sports offer a chance for healthy fun
Jan 6, 2010
By Bridget Coughlin

Editor's note: This is the first in a series of stories highlighting the resources OHIO and the surrounding community offer to promote healthy lifestyles. This week, the spotlight is on Campus Recreation's  intramural sports program.

Staying healthy and active while living on a college campus can be a tall order. Students are not the only ones constantly struggling to balance classes with extracurricular activities and a social life -- faculty and staff are too. Maintaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle is important. Luckily for those of us at OHIO, the school and surrounding community offer dozens of ways to keep healthy and happy.

Participating in intramural sports is my favorite way to keep active. The Intramural Sports Program is open to students, faculty and staff, and it is a fun way to begin moving toward a healthier lifestyle.

Finding a workout that caters to your interests is important. If you like what you?re doing the odds are better you will stick with it. As a former high school athlete, I enjoy a little bit of competition. It?s easier for me to play a sport for exercise than to run on the bike path. Plus, playing an intramural team sport lets me hang out with my friends and classmates, and I get to release stress from the week.

Intramural options are offered year-round. I have played intramural sports in the fall, winter and spring quarters. I can attest that there is a game for everyone. In the past I have joined in on flag football, outdoor soccer, sand volleyball, indoor volleyball, basketball, dodgeball and softball.

Depending on what kind of workout you?re looking for, some options may be a better fit than others. For example, outdoor soccer involves a lot more running, so you will get a great aerobic workout -- meaning you?ll work off more calories and build up endurance. Volleyball is my favorite sport; the sudden spurts sprinting, diving and jumping can be a fantastic anaerobic workout, building muscle and strength through the quick contraction of muscles.

For those on campus who prefer individual sports over team sports, the Intramural Sports Program has you covered. Tennis, badminton, golf and racquetball are just a few of the individual/dual sports that the program offers seasonally.

The Intramural Sports Program has offerings to fit almost any sporting taste, but they also offer two levels of competition within the leagues. This provides a safe environment for an activity where you can compete against people with a similar level of experience and skills.

Participating in intramurals can aid in the social, emotional and physical development of Ohio University?s students. Participating in a competitive environment and surrounded by peers, you can learn a lot about yourself, the way you handle competition and emotions and how to improve upon those skills. In the heat of the moment, in a big game, I can get extremely frustrated if a referee makes a call with which I don?t agree. But playing these different sports throughout my college career has helped me to gain control over those emotions, and keep my recreational experience as fun as possible.

I have found playing intramural sports to be a valuable experience. It can make the school year much more enjoyable. Just one hour of competition a week helps me manage my stress. There is nothing better than finishing up a big project or test, and being able to get out on the field and let out some of that tension that has built up. There are some more tactile benefits too. If you participate in the competitive league you could have the opportunity to win a championship title and a T-shirt at the end of the season.

Winter Quarter Intramural Sports registration begins on Monday, Jan. 11, in the Ping Center. For a full list of sport offerings and registration details, visit the Intramural Sports Program's Web site.


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Published: Jan 6, 2010 8:30 AM

Flag Football Champions!

My team won the flag football championship last fall. I finally got my first-place T-shirt!


We played the big game in Peden Stadium.

Live Well @OHIO

Photo courtesy of: Campus Recreation 

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