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2010 Rose Parade trip recollections from Whitney Randolph

Jan 7, 2010
By Whitney Randolph

The Marching 110's trip to the Rose Parade was full of friendship, laughs and memories that we will hold on to for the rest of our lives.

We traveled all around the Los Angeles area. The first night there we got to look around the shops and eat dinner at Downtown Disney. The first full day in Los Angeles we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. We all went on the Back Lot Tour to see how movies are made and how the camera has a way of fooling the mind. We saw the set of ?Desperate Housewives,? ?Back to the Future,? and many other famous movie sets. Among the rides, many of us braved the "Jurassic Park" and "The Mummy Returns" rides.

The next day was the Tournament of Roses Bandfest, where select bands performed a halftime show. Ours included ?Separate Ways? by Journey, ?God Bless the Broken Road? by Rascal Flatts and ?Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy? by Big and Rich. We performed really well, despite the rain we encountered that day. Afterward, we went to the Rose Bowl to get our picture taken and tour the float barn. On Thursday, we went to Hollywood where we toured the Kodak Theatre
and walked down the Walk of Fame.

What a way to end our season with the Tournament of Roses Parade in beautiful Pasadena, Calif! The day of the parade was absolutely spectacular with the sun shining bright and the smell of fresh flowers in the air. The street where we were was filled with the sounds of music as all the bands began to warm up before their long adventure down the parade route.

My heart was pounding with excitement and a little bit of nerves as we approached the step-off point of the parade.

There is no way to describe the energy and adrenaline that was flowing through each and every one of us as the drums sounded and each of us took that first step of the parade. I remember turning the corner where all the television cameras were. We let out the first notes of ?Stand Up and Cheer,? and the whole crowd rose to their feet cheering us on as we marched by. It was so moving.

The other thing that moved me was the large support we received from the Ohio State fans. Every time we marched past them, they always stood up and yelled ?Go Ohio Bobcats.? 

There were times where the parade would have to stop when a float broke down along the route, and the percussion would play some of our cadences and dance for the crowd. They absolutely loved it. They also loved how we would dance during the parade, especially our dance cadence ?Cherry.?  The people along the parade route were so supportive and really accepting of our unique style ? it was really touching.

When I look back on this trip and the parade I will always feel pride for Ohio University and the Marching 110 because of the respect, humility, and pride we always have anywhere we go.


Whitney Randolph is a freshman journalism major from Dover, Ohio, who plays the trombone.


Published: Jan 7, 2010 12:37 PM

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