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2010 Rose Parade trip recollections from Tyler Charles

Jan 7, 2010
By Tyler Charles

While most students at Ohio University were spending their last week of winter break at home with their families, some welcomed 2010 with a different family. One that consists of more than 200 members that spent 13 months tirelessly preparing for the one of the biggest moments in its illustrious history. That ?funky? family is the Ohio University Marching 110.

It wasn?t until we rounded the famed corner at Colorado Blvd. that I realized the grandeur of what the Marching 110 was about to experience. For more than a year, we had all been preparing for this moment, but nothing could have prepared us for the sheer exhilaration we felt when we saw hundreds of thousands of people lining Colorado Blvd., waiting to see what we could do. 

Not only were there thousands of people, but also hundreds of bright lights, television towers and cameras. If that doesn?t excite you as a performer, you might need to have your pulse checked! The first time we broke into ?Cherry,? a dance performed with a percussion cadence, the crowd erupted into a frenzy and applauded us even after we had long passed them on the route. It may have been one of the biggest receptions I have ever received as a performer.

The parade aside, the first thing that will really stick out in my mind is the camaraderie I experienced while in California. Going on this trip allowed us a chance to build bonds with one another and create memories that I?ll never forget. 

One moment in particular I will never forget is standing on the beach in Santa Monica on New Year?s Eve, watching the sun set over the ocean with a group of friends from the band. We had just spent the day sightseeing in Hollywood, cramming in everything we possibly could in one day.  

But kicking off my shoes and watching the sunset, while creating a giant ?Diamond Ohio? in the sand was the only way I wanted to spend the evening. It was a moment I may very well never be able to experience again, and I am happy and blessed to say I got to experience it with my closest friends. 

Another moment that truly surprised me occurred during our last day in California, while at Disneyland. I had chosen to spend the day with a group of people I never ordinarily ?hang out? with while in Athens. Over the course of the day, the group split and narrowed, until it was I and three others, whom I didn?t know very well. 

I only explain this because, as the day progressed, the four of us started to bond in a way I didn?t think was possible. It didn?t matter that we had never taken the time to get to know each other while in Athens. We had shared an experience so great, so life changing, that we were able to come together because of it. I can honestly say that day was my favorite during the entire trip.

For me, this trip to California was much more than just performing in the parade. It was about coming together as friends, and becoming even better ones. It was about sitting by the pool, talking to a complete stranger from Washington about our university, and how dearly we love it. It was about sharing the magic of the Marching 110 with those who may never see us in person ever again in their lifetime. 

I am proud to say that I represented my university with the utmost pride and respect it deserves.  Maybe now, all of California will know who has ?The Most Exciting Band in the Land!?


Tyler Charles is a junior journalism major from Hilliard, Ohio, who plays the trumpet.



Published: Jan 7, 2010 1:41 PM

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