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2010 Rose Parade trip recollections from Patrick Garlock

Jan 7, 2010
By Patrick Garlock

Several highlights immediately come to mind when I think about the trip. The first memory I have was the tour of the Kodak Theatre.

Marching 110 alumnus Jay Thomas is the manager of the theatre. Once he heard that we were going to be in the parade, he extended an invitation for us to see the theatre. It is always great to see alumni and hear their stories about the band and their life after band. It was especially exciting to see him break out his old band jacket and wear it for the duration of his speech to us.

One of the best memories from the trip came at the Tournament of Roses Bandfest, which is a show featuring all of the bands in the Rose Parade. Each band performs a halftime show and parades the stands.

That show was especially unique because it ended with a mass Ohio performance. In addition to the Marching 110 -- three other bands: Ohio State University, Pickerington Central High School and the Ohio State School for the Blind -- also performed in the parade. The show
ended with all four bands performing ?Beautiful Ohio.? The announcer said that this was the first time that four schools from the same state had ever ended the show in a group performance. 

But the real reason the Marching 110 was in California was to perform in one of the biggest parades in the country, the Tournament of Roses Parade. That first turn is an experience I?ll never forget. Being in the front row, I could see the turn coming for a while, but I couldn?t really see that much other than the turn itself.  NBC had their stand set up on the corner and there were people lined up on the side, but other than that, there didn?t appear to be a whole lot to the parade. However, once we turned the corner, I realized just what was ahead of us.

On the other side of the turn is Colorado Boulevard. Once you turn, all you can see is people and television cameras. Playing ?Stand Up and Cheer? as we turned the corner is something I?ll never forget. It made me so incredibly proud to be a part of this university and its band.

Seeing the people?s response to our band as we danced and played past them really made me appreciate the opportunity I?ve been given these past four years. The five-and-a-half mile parade also let me reflect on this season and seasons past to truly understand what a momentous occasion this really was.


Patrick Garlock is a senior journalism major from Lima, Ohio, who plays the tuba.


Published: Jan 7, 2010 12:39 PM

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