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2010 Rose Parade trip recollections from Alyssa Mehling

Jan 7, 2010
By Alyssa Mehling

On New Year?s Eve as the Marching 110?s 200-plus members spent a day in sunny Hollywood, Calif., I could sense the nervous energy among my peers. We were all thinking about what we were about to do tomorrow, yet we were unsure how it would be.

The Marching 110 prides itself on consistently delivering a spectacular performance, and we were absolutely determined to impress the millions watching us live and on television across the world as we marched in the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade.

It was hard for me to believe that this day had actually arrived. I remember when Dr. (Richard) Suk told us at practice that we were selected for the parade in October 2008.

Since that time, the band has worked to create fundraising opportunities to ease each individual?s cost of the trip. This season?s practices also became more physically demanding to condition us for the 5.5 mile parade.

The first part of the parade just didn?t seem real. The crowd was very receptive, and nothing was more satisfying than to hear their gasps after we started to dance to a cadence.

The day was exceptionally special to me because it was my last performance as a member of this band. I was emotional as I started to realize that this would be the last time I played ?Stand Up and Cheer.? There was simply no better way to end four very memorable years.

At the end of the route, we cheered for each other because we made it to the end and undoubtedly enjoyed the performance. The crowd was very much a sea of scarlet and gray, but most Buckeye fans were happy to see more Ohioans on Colorado Blvd.

The band?s trip to Southern California included days spent in Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knott?s Berry Farm and Hollywood. Marching 110 alumnus Jay Thomas also arranged a special tour of the Kodak Theatre, home of the Academy Awards.

I would like to thank Dr. Suk and the other Ohio University faculty and staff who made this trip possible. The whole week is something I will look back upon fondly for the rest of my life.

This was the Marching 110?s first appearance in the Tournament of Roses Parade, and I am so proud to be a part of it. I hope to see the band there again in the not-too-distant future. 


Alyssa Mehling is a senior journalism major from Westlake, Ohio, who plays the alto saxophone.


Published: Jan 7, 2010 12:36 PM

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