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Friday, February 13, 2004
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Bobcats off to good start in 'Recyclemania 2004'

ATHENS, Ohio -- University is off to a good start after the first week of RecycleMania 2004. The Bobcats sit fourth out of 17 schools with 5.1 recycled pounds per student living on campus. Miami University, a co-founder of the annual event with Ohio University, leads the 10-week competition with 6.5 pounds, followed by Dartmouth (6.0) and Harvard (5.4). The final results will be announced on April 16. The first- and second-place finishers will receive Recycle Mania trophies.

"Ohio University is holding its own so far, and I hope we can continue to increase our numbers throughout the competition," said Ohio University Refuse and Recycling Manager Ed Newman. "We need to keep pace with some of the powerhouse schools in this competition, so we have to keep getting the word out on campus. The underlying purpose of this competition is to bring more attention to recycling and energy conservation"

RecycleMania 2004 is a friendly 10-week competition between 17 recycling programs. The schools will compete to see who can collect the largest amount of recyclables from residence halls, on-campus apartments and dining halls. Measurements will be reported on a weekly basis in pounds recycled per student living on-campus. The 17-school field is the largest in the four-year history of the competition.

Here are the results from week one of RecycleMania 2004:

  1. Miami University: 6.5 lbs. per student
  2. Dartmouth: 6.0
  3. Harvard: 5.4
  4. Ohio: 5.1
  5. Villanova: 5.0
  6. Western Michigan: 4.7
  7. Carnegie Mellon: 4.7
  8. Five Colleges: 4.1
  9. Yale: 3.4
  10. Vermont: 3.0
  11. Arizona: 2.0
  12. Arizona State: 1.9
  13. Brown: 1.7
  14. Ohio State: 1.1
  15. Brigham Young: 0.8
  16. S.W. Missouri State: 0.8
  17. Washington University: 0.5

For more information on Recycle Mania, visit www.facilities.ohiou.edu/fm/departments/recycle/recyprogram.  

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Media Contact: Ohio University Refuse and Recycling Manager Ed Newman, (740) 593-0460 or newmane@ohio.edu, or Media Specialist George Mauzy, (740) 597-1794 or mauzy@ohio.edu  

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