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Monday, June 1, 2015
2009 recipients of 1804 Fund awards

Oct 12, 2009  

2009 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, faculty research and graduate studies

Project: "Enhancement of proteomics research infrastructure at Ohio University"

Recipient: Vijay Nadella, Genomics Facility

Amount: $16,774

Project: "Media Enhancement of Graduate Student Instruction and Clinical Research for Observational Movement Analysis"

Recipients: Petra Williams and Gary Chleboun, Physical Therapy, and Eric Williams, Media Arts and Studies


Project: "Computational Chemistry Facility"

Recipient: Michael Jenson, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Amount: $19,828

Project: "Enhancing the Campus-Wide Genomics Facility for Carbohydrate, Lipid, and Metabolite Analysis"

Recipient: Allan Showalter, Environmental and Plant Biology

Amount: $40,000

2009 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, undergraduate learning

Project: "The Common Film Project"

Recipient: Ruth Bradley, Athens Center for Film and Video

Amount: $6,400

Project: "External Lecturers for the Arts and Sciences Scholars Program"

Recipient: Thomas Carpenter, Classics and World Religions

Amount: $6,000

Project: "Building Community through Diversity Initiatives"

Recipients: Susanne Dietzel and Brian Bridges, Diversity, Access and Equity

Amount: $8, 921  

Project: "Liberia Microfinance Poverty Reduction Workshop"

Recipient: Greg Emery, Global Leadership Center

Amount: $6,900

Project: "Investment in Regional Campus Introductory Physics Lab"

Recipients: Mark Lucas and Stephen Gross, Physics and Astronomy, Gabriela Popa and Sandra Doty, A&S (Zanesville), and Robert Culp, A&S (Southern)

Amount: $20,000

Project: "Upgrading and Updating the Geology Microscopy Lab: Improving Instruction in Core Courses for Geology Majors/Minors"

Recipients:  Keith Milam and Matt Severs, Geological Sciences

Amount: $20,000

Project: "Access OHIO"

Recipients: Jesse Raney and Carey Busch, Disability Services

Amount: $13, 732

Project: "Achieving Excellence: Enhancing the Biological Anthropology Lab at Ohio University"

Recipients: Hogan Sherrow and Nancy Tatarek, Sociology and Anthropology

Amount: $6, 689

Project: "Acquisition of Instructional Materials to Support the Department of Teacher Education Curriculum and Reading Center Activities"

Recipient: William Smith, Teacher Education and Edward Stevens Center for Literacy and Language

Amount: $6,198

Project: "Enhancing the Undergraduate Research Experience at Ohio University"

Recipients: Sarah Wyatt and Harvey Ballard Jr., Environmental and Plant Biology, Ann Brown, Nationally Competitive, Christina Gidycz, Psychology, Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, Geological Sciences, Shura Neiman, Physics and Astronomy, Lauren McMills, Biological Sciences, and Maarten Uijt De Haag, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Amount: $20,000

2009 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, both categories

Project: "African Literature Associate Annual Conference"

Recipients: Ghirmai Negash, English, and Andrea Frohne, Interdisciplinary Arts

Amount: $5,000, as part of the Faculty Research and Graduate Studies Pool and $5,000, as part of the Undergraduate Pool

Project: "Atlantic Foundations of America"

Recipients: Mariana Dantas, Brian Schoen, Jessica Roney and Robert Ingram, Department of History

Amount: $19, 050 as part of the Faculty Research and Graduate Studies Pool and $2,350 as a part of the Undergraduate Pool

Project: "Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Curricular Integration of Electronic Health Record and Clinical Tracking Software"

Recipients: Deborah Henderson, Nursing (Zanesville), Molly Johnson and Mashawna Hamilton, Nursing (Southern), Camille Leadingham, Nursing (Chillicothe), and Christina Nyirati, Nursing (Athens)

Amount: $10,500, as part of the Faculty Research and Graduate Studies Pool and $12,000, as a part of the Undergraduate Pool



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Published: Oct 12, 2009 9:45 AM  

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