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Monday, June 1, 2015
Classified Senate awardees

Oct 15, 2009  

Classified employees who have been with Ohio University for 10 years or more will be awarded for their hard work and dedication at the Classified Senate awards Oct. 20. For more information about the awards, please visit www.ohio.edu/outlook/09-10/October/89a.cfm.

40 years

  • Terry V. James, Physical Plant-Lancaster

  • Robert B. Watkins, Information Technology CSC

35 years

  • Frank E. Hutchins, Physical Plant-Lancaster

  • Clara Ledford, Housing

  • Nancy L. Tullius, Dining Services-Central Food

30 years

  • Jeanette E. Adams, Information Technology- CSC

  • Roxanne Arbaugh-Dicken, Accounts Payable

  • Roger E. Blevins, Custodial Services- 1st shift

  • Teresa R. Brown, Library

  • Bill J. Burbridge, Carpenter Shop

  • Vicki Christian, Registrar?s Office

  • William R. Collett, Plumbing Shop

  • Ricky Lee Dickerson, Key Shop

  • Cherie Kay James, Student Financial Aid

  • Karyl Lee Jones, Psychology

  • Kim Alan Kyle, Zone Maintenance

  • Pamela F. Porter, Southern Campus Dean?s Office

  • Kay Reeves, Engineering and Technology, Dean?s Office

  • Elizabeth D. Roberts, Paint Shop

  • David P. Smith, Key Shop

  • David Brent Snow, Zone Maintenance

  • Teresa Tedrow, Recreation and Sport Sciences

  • Russell C. Tinkham, Zone Maintenance

  • Brenda Sue White, Intercollegiate Athletics Office

25 years

  • Betty L. Barnhart, Custodial Services 1st shift

  • Dianna Barnhart, Dining Services, Bake Shop

  • Louise S. Bell, Housing

  • Lynette E Brown, Library

  • William Burkhart, Zone Maintenance

  • Tisha J. Carr, Advancement Services

  • Stephen Cooper, Zone Maintenance

  • Robert Leon Craft, Zone Maintenance

  • Scott W. Dailey, Intercollegiate Athletics Office

  • Tina L. Deeter, Fine Arts- Dean?s Office

  • Mark Dombroskas, Zone Maintenance

  • Alice Dudding, Summer Sessions

  • Mark E. Frost, Plumbing Shop

  • Mark E. Gilkey, Zone Maintenance

  • Janet E Howard, Residence Life, Director?s Office

  • Steven Lambert, Sheetmetal Shop

  • Steven Lanning, Zone Maintenance

  • Deborah McAllister, Heating Plant

  • Suzanne Mingus, Library

  • Karen Pidcock, Independent & Distance Learning

  • Paul Powell, Plumbing Shop

  • Mark Robinette, Carpet and Tile Shop

  • Catherine Sitko, Library

  • Marlene Swartz, Educational Services

  • Christina Ward, Mail Services

  • Nancy Wilcox, COM-Dean?s Office

  • Nancy Young, Payroll

20 years

  • Lureen F. Bailey, Baker University Center

  • Margaret Bennett, Accounts Payable

  • Chris Bibler, Physical Plant-Lancaster

  • David Mike Bobo, South Green Grounds

  • Karan Burt, Information Technology-CSC

  • Rosemary Butcher, COM-Academic Affairs

  • Vicki W. Butcher, Arts and Sciences, Dean?s Office

  • Susanne Castle, RCS-South

  • Rupert Chesser, Zone Maintenance

  • Frances Cordle, Instructional Support-Lancaster

  • John Daniels, Maintenance and Operations

  • Kathy S Decker, Student Financial Aid

  • Kara Lynn Dunfee, Contemporary History Institute

  • Ronald E Dunfee, Dining Hall Facility Maintenance

  • Joan E. Ferris, Information Technology HDL

  • Ted C. Flood, Information Technology HDL

  • Denton A. Guthrie, Airport Operations

  • Wayne Haning, Zone Maintenance

  • Tamara Hawk, University Human Resources

  • Kenneth Horrocks, RCS-East

  • Carolyn Ice, Dining Services-Central Food

  • Marsha Jewell, Bursar?s Office

  • Brent Keirns, RCS-East

  • Bernard Kelley, Environmental Services

  • Timmy Kemp, Facilities Management-Eastern

  • Phillip Koska, Zone Maintenance

  • Rochelle Lawless, School of Accountancy

  • Kimberley McKimmy-Kelly, Chillicothe Dean?s Office

  • Amy Meeks, Library

  • Gregory Milligan, Grounds Maintenance

  • Kurt Raschke, Grounds Maintenance

  • Diana Rudolph, RCS-East

  • Richard Russell, Campus Safety Department

  • Beverly Schumaker, Dining Services-Boyd

  • Marilyn Sidders, Dining Services-Boyd

  • Mary Smart, Library

  • Anthony Turnbull, RCS-East

  • Judy Van Nest, RCS-West

  • Katherine Walser, Pickerington Center-Lancaster

  • Kenneth Woodburn, Dining Services-Boyd

15 years

  • Teresa Acord, Advancement Services

  • Abdulmoin Alassaf, Grounds Maintenance

  • Barbara Baker, Custodial Services-2nd Shift

  • Barbara Bawden, Custodial Services-1st shift

  • Robin Renee Boyd, Southern Campus Dean?s Office

  • Joanne L. Brim, Dining Services-Food prep

  • Stanley W. Brown, RCS-South

  • Larry J. Clark, University Printing Resource Center

  • Linda Cvetan, Counseling and Higher Education

  • Sue Eshelman, RCS-South

  • Janet Fink, Cont. Education-Chillicothe

  • Edwin Frebault, Laboratory Animal Resources

  • Ruth Freeman, CORE Administration

  • Martha Ann Frost, RCS-South

  • Terry Geddes, Custodial Services-1st shift

  • Mary Gibbons-Mize, Student Affairs-Education

  • Susan Handley, Student Health Services

  • Lisa Hart, Custodial Services- Dining Services-Boyd

  • Janet Lea Haynes, Dining Services-Nelson

  • Patricia Hilliard, Physical Plant-Lancaster

  • Jane Hollon, Student Financial Aid

  • Shelia Jewell, RCS-South

  • Paul Keirns, Custodial Services-1st shift

  • Lisa Kisor, Custodial Services-1st shift

  • John Klayko, RCS-South

  • Tamra LaGraff, Film

  • Maryann Lape, Cont Education-Lancaster

  • William Love, Dining Services-Boyd

  • Rochelle McVey, Dining Services-Central Food

  • Kellie Merriman, Teacher Education

  • Frank Perry, Information Technology-HDL

  • Valerie Pettit, Engineering and Technology, Dean's Office

  • Betty Rex, University Human Resources

  • Christopher Rosser, Grounds Maintenance

  • Penny Runyon, RCS-East

  • Connie Semelsberger, RCS-East

  • Lavondia Smith, Grounds Maintenance

  • Trisha Spencer, Interior Services

  • Barbara Thomas, Academic Advancement Center

  • Sarah Tipton, COM-Admissions

  • Teresa Tyson-Drummer, Hearing Speech and Language Sciences

  • Jeanne Vernell, Summer Sessions

  • Layne Ziegler, Relief Maintenance Shop

10 years

  • Allan Acord, Information Technology HDL

  • Ann Addington, Campus Involvement Center

  • Michelle Allison, Grants and Contracts Accounting

  • Ladonna Biehl, RCS-South

  • Victor Blake, RCS-South

  • Cheryl Boyer, Facilities Management- Chillicothe

  • Cheryl Branham, Nursing-Athens

  • Robert Bratton, Custodial Services 2nd shift

  • Deborah Brewer, Health and Human Services, Dean?s Office

  • Tina Brown, RCS- Bromley Hall

  • Connie Bruker , RCS-East

  • Kristen Bumpass, RCS-West

  • Laura Burns, Library

  • William Butt, Custodial Services 3rd shift

  • Janis Carnahan, Physical Therapy

  • Jacquelyn Case, Facilities Management

  • Jennifer Coen, Baker University Center

  • Lorinda Collins, Education Abroad

  • Cindy Cooley, Dining Services- Food Prep

  • Mary Cramer, Dining Services- Nelson

  • Pamela Dailey, Legal Affairs Office

  • Eilleen Delehanty -Schulz, Faculty Senate

  • Valerie Denney, Dining Services- Central Food

  • Charles Dixon, University Garage

  • Rex Dixon, Parking Services

  • Amanda Douglas, Dining Services- Boyd

  • Joyce Douglas, Library

  • Pamela Douglas, Fine Arts, Dean?s Office

  • Matthew Dowler, Grounds Maintenance

  • Trent Duffy, Technology Services- Eastern

  • Tina Engle, Dining Services- Nelson

  • Rose Eskew, Custodial Services- 2nd shift

  • Gregory Fetherolf, Information Technology HDL

  • Dianna Fisher, Campus Safety Department

  • Kelly Gorsack, COM- Administrative and Financial

  • Cindy Grubb, RCS-South

  • Becky Hallowell, RCS- Bromley Hall

  • Jill Harned, Facilities Management

  • David Heightland, University Printing Resource Center

  • Lowell Henderson, Facilities Management-Zanesville

  • Theresa Hosack, Independent and Distance Learning

  • Jason Jordan, Custodial Services-2nd shift

  • Daniel Kelly, RCS-South

  • Claire Kimok, Arts and Sciences-Dean?s Office

  • Thomas King, Custodial Services-2nd shift

  • Ann Kyle, WOUB Center for Public Media

  • Cory Lewis, COM-Information Systems

  • Lester Limo, Dining Services-Nelson

  • Jay Lucas, RCS-South

  • Sonya Lucas, Information Technology-CSC

  • Travis Male, Dining Services-Bromley Hall

  • Elizabeth Maple, Dining Services-Boyd

  • Jennifer Martin, Payroll

  • Terri Mash, RCS East

  • Joseph McCune, Information Technology-CSC

  • Chad McKibben, Heating Plant

  • Sara McMillan, RCS-South

  • Anthony McQuaid, Heating Plant

  • Bruce Neal, Dining Services- Nelson

  • Diann Nickerson, Student Admin Services-Eastern

  • Randy Nogrady, Information Technology-HDL

  • Darren Robinette, Custodial Services-3rd shift

  • John Roman, Custodial Services-2nd shift

  • Carl Rosler, Custodial Services-1st shift

  • Carolyn Russell, RCS-South

  • Shannon Ryder, Custodial Services-1st shift

  • Steven Schall, RCS-West

  • Shannon Secoy, Dining Services-West 82

  • Linda Sheets, Independent and Distance Learning

  • Therese Sherman, Health and Human Services

  • Melinda Smith, Counseling and Higher Education

  • Sandra Smith, University College, Dean?s Office

  • Sandra Spencer, Custodial Services-2nd shift

  • Bret Swart, Information Technology-HDL

  • H. Sue Thompson, Hearing Speech and Language Sciences

  • David Valentine, Campus Safety Department

  • William Van Sickle, Custodial Services-2nd shift

  • Rebecca Vinson, COM-Administrative and Financial

  • Kathlean Walls, RCS-West

  • Keith Ward, Parking Services

  • Roberta Wheatley, Dining Services-Jefferson

  • Richard Wilson, Heating Plant

  • Pamela Wolf, Custodial Services-3rd shift

  • Randy Wolf, Custodial Services-3rd shift



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Published: Oct 15, 2009 8:14 AM  

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