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Monday, June 1, 2015
Cutler Scholars preparing to make a difference

Oct 23, 2008  
By Quadia Muhammad  

Students selected for the prestigious Cutler Scholars program graduated at or near the top of their high school classes.  The experiences they'll gain in the program ensure they'll graduate from Ohio University ready to take on the world -- or at least their corner of it.

"Cutler scholars are a different breed," said Karen Deardorff, the program's associate director. "They were the kids in high school who were not afraid to put themselves out there, and as a result, they go beyond their comfort zones."

The Ohio University Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program selects a handful of students each year who show outstanding achievement academically and evidence of personal integrity, physical stamina and community involvement.

Students do not apply to become Cutler scholars; instead they are nominated by personnel at eligible secondary schools, Ohio University colleges or sponsoring organizations.

Modeled after Oxford University's Rhodes Scholars program, the scholarship, which began in 1996, includes tuition, room and board, book allowance and funding for summer enrichment programs.

Students participate in an Outward Bound wilderness experience the summer of their freshman year. In subsequent summers, they'll tackle business management, public service and a study abroad program.

In the past, scholars have volunteered at orphanages in Peru and Tanzania, worked on an archaeological dig in Ireland and taken part in a biosphere expedition in the Amazon.

Member's this year's class have also expressed interest in going abroad to pursue enrichment and cultural experiences, Deardorff said.

"After their travels, they return to Ohio University as well-rounded, critical thinkers who want to tackle problems and make contributions in the world," she said.

Here's what this year's Cutler scholars have to say about themselves.

Rachel Ackerman
My name: Rachel Ackerman

My hometown:
Willoughby, Ohio

My major:
Adolescent to young-adult life science education

I most admire:
Angelina Jolie, who seems to not let fame get the best of her and is extremely beautiful and kind. She puts her money to good use and does her own thing without worrying about what other people may think.

Why I chose Ohio University:
The campus is so lush and green, the students and faculty are extremely friendly, and I felt at home the moment I stepped out of the car and onto the OU bricks

What I am most excited about at Ohio University:
Meeting many accomplished people who can give me advice and head me off in the right direction

What I hope to achieve in my first year at Ohio University:
I hope to maintain a 3.5 in order to remain a part of my honors learning community, and also master a better understanding of teaching and where I want to go within the field.

Current issue that is most important for my generation:
All of the natural resources and land that we are using up so quickly
Chase AllmanMy name: Andrew "Chase" Allman

My hometown:
Oak Hill, Ohio

My major:
Biology /Pre-med

What I hope to achieve in my first year at Ohio University:
Keep my academic performance up and make the Dean's List. Also, make new friends and create memories.

Class I am most looking forward to:
Any class leaning toward my major. I also look forward to some music classes for a minor in music production.

If I could have any superpower, I would choose:
The ability to stop time

My dream job:
Being on tour playing music or professional baseball

If I could be the ambassador to any country, I would choose:

Alex AndersonMy name: Alex Anderson

My hometown:
South Salem, Ohio

My major:

Best advice anyone has given me:
"Be the hammer and not the nail."

What I will miss from home:
My family and friends, but most of all I will miss my mother's cooking.

I am most nervous about:
I am a little worried about the workload, but good time management should take care of that.

Book I think everyone should read:
"Irresistible Revolution" because the author, Shane Clairborne, puts the Christian faith in a whole different perspective.

If I could be the ambassador to any country, I would choose:
I would select a third-world country because the most help is needed there.

Andrew BissellMy name: Andrew Bissell

My hometown:
Long Bottom, Ohio

My major:
Pre-law/ Criminology

What I am most excited about at Ohio University:
It is such a different mix of cultures than my hometown. Ohio University and its students offer opportunities for growth and development in unique areas.

Qualities of my favorite teacher:
My favorite teacher relished being with my class.  He was entertaining beyond words, as well as being able to enlighten those who wished to learn with humor and a slight tweak of utter randomness.

Class I am most looking forward to:
Elementary Arabic

If I could research any topic, I would research:
The causes of social strife within the dream of capitalism

Movie I think everyone should see:
"The Dark Knight" at least four times.
Courtney GintherMy name: Courtney Ginther

My hometown:
Portland, Ohio

My major:
Biological Sciences

I most admire:
  I most admire my mom because of how truly selfless and caring she has always been.

Best advice anyone has given me:
  Always be yourself and like who you are as you look in the mirror. I realize that it sounds very cliched, but it's very true.

Qualities of my favorite teacher:
My favorite teacher is very passionate and excited about what is being taught. She makes it easy for her students to share that same enthusiasm.

Class I am most looking forward to:
I am most looking forward to my Bios 170 class because biology has always been my passion.

Book I think everyone should read:
I think that everyone should read "Sold" by Patricia McCormick. It is a short, easy read that hits home and makes you think.

Sam MillerMy name: Sam Miller

My hometown:
Logan, Ohio

My major:
Chemical Engineering

Best advice anyone has given me:
Trust your intuition because your heart will usually lead you on a good path.

I am most nervous about:
The more intensive workload of college classes

Movie I think everyone should see:
"One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" to get people to think about topics that often fly under the radar, not to mention the outstanding acting.

Most people think I'm:
full of energy, but really I'm pretty laid back

My dream job:
Developing successful/efficient forms of renewable energy because our nation needs to be thinking about energy sources that won't run out within the next 50 years.

Grace NelsonMy name: Grace Nelson

My hometown:
Athens, Ohio

My major:
International Studies and Spanish

Qualities of my favorite teacher:
A passion for teaching that is tangible and contagious.  Also, exhibiting energy and utilizing various resources to present students with different materials and creative activities in the classroom.

Best advice anyone has given me:
Be a leader, not a follower

I am most nervous about:
Staying healthy with eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep 

What I will miss from home:
My brother, cat, and parents, the whole family

My dream job:
To write for National Geographic or work with a Latin American country and to develop solutions for environmental problems

Coming up: Outlook will introduce this year's Appalachian and Urban scholars over the next two weeks.



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Published: Oct 23, 2008 12:36 PM  

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