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Monday, June 1, 2015
2008 Service Awards honorees

Oct 10, 2008  

The following Ohio University employees were recognized for their years of service during the 2008 Classified Service Awards.

30 Years

  • William Cecil Albaugh, Facilities Management-Zanesville
  • Mary Helen Dailey, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Linda Lucille McDonald, Payroll
  • Connie S. Smith, WOUB Center for Public Media
  • Betty L. Spaun, Student Financial Aid
  • Anita G. Yates, COM-Specialty Medicine

25 Years

  • Steven John Andrews, Air Cond/Refrigeration Shop
  • Nathan K. Arnold, Sheetmetal Shop
  • Regan Van Arnold, Carpenter Shop
  • Robert Eugene Barrett Jr., University Moving Services
  • Norma Jean Beverly, Student Services-Enrollment-Chillicothe
  • Brad Allen Cecil, Library-Eastern 
  • Merry L. Cibula, Mechanical Engineering
  • Charlene Clifford, VP For Research
  • Bonnie L. Dinsmoor, Health Sciences
  • Bobby R. Dotson, University Moving Services
  • Karen L. Harris, Key Shop
  • Nell Ann Kittle, COM-Academic Affairs
  • David E. Logan, Life Safety
  • Jill H. McKinney, Center For International Studies
  • Peter J. McKown, Technology Services-Zanesville
  • Richard F. Perry, Zone Maintenance
  • Debbra J. Riggs, Admissions
  • Janine E. Scurlock, Judiciaries Office
  • Susan Sheppard, University Human Resources
  • Janice L. Smith, COM-Community Health Programs
  • Dorothy Landis Thomas, Registrar's Office
  • Jeffrey T. Welch, Sheetmetal Shop

20 Years

  • Cindy L. Adams, WOUB Center for Public Media
  • Rebecca A. Andrews, Airport Operations
  • Kimberly Lynn Bahr, Health Promotion
  • Sharon Anise Ball, Fine Arts, Dean's Office
  • Teresa L. Bartlett, University College, Dean's Office
  • Peggy Ann Bateman, RCS-South
  • Bonnie S. Behm-Geddes, Industrial Technology
  • Susan Marie Bennett, Dining Services - Central Food
  • Christopher Lee Buckley, Zone Maintenance
  • Robert A. Church, Art
  • Sharon Kay Conner, Avionics Engr Center
  • Christina Dalesandry, Admissions
  • Loretta F. Dehmann, Linguistics
  • Kimberly Ann Dickerson-Russell, Interior Services
  • David Andrew Dunfee, Grounds Maintenance (Lower Campus)
  • Nelson Earl Frey, Research Compliance
  • Fred Lucious Hart Jr., RCS-South
  • Linda S. Heightland, RCS-South
  • Kirt Douglas Jackson, Mail Services
  • Yvonne Renee Jenkins Information Technology - CSC
  • Myron R. Johnson, Grounds Maintenance (Upper Campus)
  • Delmar William Jones, Airport Operations
  • Helen E. Keyes, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Joyce Ann Kincade, RCS-South
  • Christina Ann King, Procurement Services
  • Christina Quivey Lee, Career Services
  • Martin W. Lowery Jr., Information Technology - CSC
  • Edith Ann Luce, Library
  • Gina La'Shele Lyons, Instructional Support-Eastern
  • Judith Ann Markins, Library
  • Billie Kay Mautz, Instructional Support - Zanesville
  • Ruth Jan McCall-King, VPFA Business Service Center
  • Marilyn E. McVey, Workers Compensation Administration Dept
  • Christy L. Nisley, Bursar's Office
  • Keith Edward Palmer, Relief Maintenance Shop
  • Darla DeVoss Perry, Library
  • Fannie Marjorie Pidcock, African-American Studies
  • Michael Joseph Riley, Zone Maintenance
  • Ruth Ann Russell, Dining Services - Shively
  • Johnny Lee Sesher, University Garage
  • Steven Craig Sewell, Airport Operations
  • Mark Q. Shields, Business, Dean's Office
  • Janice Lynn Steele, Dining Services - Food Prep
  • Thomas Gene Trace, Air Cond/Refrigeration Shop
  • Marieena Jane Vaughn, Information Technology - HDL
  • Melanie Volk, Student Affairs-Education
  • Mark David Wallace, Information Technology - HDL
  • Fred Alan Zimmerman, Carpet and Tile Shop
  • Randall Lee Zimmerman, Carpet and Tile Shop

15 Years

  • David K. Betts, Facilities Management-Chillicothe
  • James L. Conn, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Andrea L. Conner, Development
  • Marcella R. Crabtree, Payroll
  • Nancy Anne Davis, COM-Biomedical Sciences
  • Janet E. Dearth, COM-Information Systems & Instructional Technology
  • John David Dehmann, COM-Administrative and Financial Services
  • Molly D. Delaval, COM-Student Affairs
  • David Wayne Dupler, Information Technology - HDL
  • Jill Anah Estep, Admissions
  • Vickie Jean Fluharty, Parking Services
  • Carol S. Fraunfelter, Student Services-Zanesville
  • David Wayne Gillogly, Campus Safety Department
  • Terry Lee Glenn, Grounds Maintenance (Lower Campus)
  • Wendy L. Graber, Custodial Services - 1st Shift
  • Darrell L. Hillen, University Moving Services
  • Francis Leonard Kinnison, Parking Services
  • Roger D. Lafollette, West Green Grounds
  • Carrie A. Linscott, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Tammy L. Little, Campus Safety Department
  • Robert Howard McCarley, Airport Operations
  • Chris L. McCauley, RCS-South
  • Esther M. McClain, COM-Academic Affairs
  • Craig B. Mehr, Library
  • Marian Neff, Dining Services - Nelson
  • Cindy J. Oliver, Cont Education-Zanesville
  • Susan F. Pitts, Development
  • Karen L. Ragsdale, Student Services-Zanesville
  • Michelle L. Raines, Economics
  • Mary Beth Robinson, Technology Services-Zanesville
  • Brenda S. Schonauer, Custodial Services - 2nd Shift
  • Bruce W. Sherrets, Airport Operations
  • Gregory S. Sigman, Library
  • Lori A. Spencer, Education Dean's Office
  • Daniel W. Stewart, Campus Safety Department
  • Geoffrey Stanton Taylor, Zone Maintenance
  • Denise R. Trainer, Dining Services - Bromley Hall
  • James M. Waggoner, Custodial Services - 1st Shift
  • Vena Arlene Wagoner, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Ruth Alice Webb-Duffy, Physics and Astronomy
  • Terri Whitlatch, Student Health Services

10 Years

  • Laurie K. Allman, WOUB Center for Public Media
  • Rose M. Baker, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Hugh D. Bateman, Facilities Management-Chillicothe
  • Virginia E. Bateman, Facilities Management-Eastern
  • Lowren Wayne Battrell, University Garage
  • Dennis Todd Boney, Grounds Maintenance (Lower Campus)
  • Julie A. Champlin, Bursar's Office
  • Lynne L. Chapman, COM-Director Alumni/Advocacy
  • Sherri R. Cottrill, RCS-East
  • Robert F. Dakin Jr., Library
  • Michael R. Devault, RCS-West
  • Cherry J. Dixon, Air Cond/Refrigeration Shop
  • Linda F. Donley, Judiciaries Office
  • Candy R. Dunlap, Dining Services - Shively
  • Rebecca S. Foughty, RCS-East
  • Wendy S. Fuller, Airport Operations
  • Arthur N. Fulton, University Garage
  • Gary W. Gater II, Dining Services - Shively
  • Marsha E. Grubb, Dining Services - Nelson
  • Bill Charles Harris, Information Technology - HDL
  • Iris P. Hart, RCS-South
  • Jeffrey D. Harvey, Custodial Services - 1st Shift
  • Glenda Gail Hayes, Zanesville Dean's Office
  • Timothy Lane Holschuh, Computer Services-Southern
  • Gail E. Houlette, Finance
  • Nancy J. Houlette, University Printing Resource Center
  • Brian K. Kelley, Library-Southern
  • Carla J. Kempton, RCS-South
  • Angela M. Kerr, Dining Services - Bromley Hall
  • Patricia L. Knisley, Accounts Payable
  • Christine E. Korvas, Admissions
  • George Douglas Lowther, Relief Maintenance Shop
  • Tammy J. Mace, Research Compliance
  • Mary S. Marks, Dining Services - Nelson
  • Raymond Wesley Marsh, RCS-South
  • Cynthia Lee Mayle, Student Services-Lancaster
  • Keith E. Moody, Tunnel Maintenance
  • Staci M. Morris, University Moving Services
  • Clarence T. Morrison, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Larraine R. Mott, Student Affairs-Education
  • Jill A. Nice, Ohio Univ Without Boundaries
  • Earnie L. Putnam, Custodial Services - 1st Shift
  • Billi Jo Reeves, Residence Life South Green
  • Melissa A. Riddle, Student Health Services
  • Mary E. Robinette, Custodial Services - 3rd Shift
  • Mary K. Rouse, RCS-West
  • Jennifer Sedwick, Campus Safety Department
  • Debra L. Sellers, Housing
  • Wayne F. Sharpe, Life Safety
  • Mildred F. Shaw, Dining Services - Jefferson
  • Tommy D. Shaw, RCS-South
  • Roger C. Smith Jr., Custodial Services - 1st Shift
  • Vicki L. Stewart, E W Scripps Schl of Journalism
  • Phillip W. Tate, RCS-East
  • Jeffrey M. Wallace, Zone Maintenance
  • Richard B. Ward, Dining Services - Catering
  • Shawn P. Wirick, Airport Operations
  • Tracy Jo Wirick, Dining Services - Boyd


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Published: Oct 10, 2008 1:35 PM  

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