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Monday, June 1, 2015
Reading program makes OHIO selection

Mar 6, 2009  
By Jeff Kallet  

Outlook features a monthly column showcasing recent titles published by Ohio University Press. The largest university press in Ohio, the press publishes 50 books annually on a variety of topics. These books carry the Ohio University name into the world, receiving national and international attention from leading scholarly journals, prominent review media and prestigious award competitions.

Several communities in western New York recently chose an Ohio University Press book, "Separate from the World: An Ohio Amish Mystery," for their "A Tale for Three Counties" reading program. The book is the sixth in a series by Wooster, Ohio, author P.L. Gaus.

A number of book discussions are taking place at participating libraries, all of which will be followed by visits by Gaus in mid-March to talk about the book, meet new fans and sign copies. In January, sample chapters appeared in a Batavia newspaper to help capture the public's interest.

Ohio University Press/Swallow Press also was well-represented at the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Chicago earlier this month. Nine past and present authors and editors gave readings or spoke on panels. It was the first time Ohio University Press staff attended the AWP conference to exhibit numerous literary publications now in print and to promote forthcoming titles.

Ohio University Press titles published since January:

  • "A Necessary Luxury: Tea in Victorian England" by Julie Fromer.
    "A Necessary Luxury" is the first in-depth analysis of the role of tea in both Victorian culture and literature. Fromer draws from literary studies (including nine well-known Victorian novels), cultural studies, history and anthropology to present nuanced readings of the myriad ways in which tea was represented.

  • "The Benefits of Famine: A Political Economy of Famine and Relief in Southwestern Sudan, 1983-89," by David Keen.
    The conflict in Darfur had a precursor in Sudan's famines of the 1980s and 1990s. Keen's "The Benefits of Famine" presents a new and chilling interpretation of the causes of war-induced famine. Now in paperback for the first time with an updated introduction by the author, "The Benefits of Famine" gives depth to an understanding of the evolution of the Darfur crisis.

  • "Cast Out: A History of Vagrancy and Homelessness in Global Perspective," edited by A.L. Beier and Paul Ocobock.
    Vagrants, vagabonds, tramps, beggars, bums, mendicants, idlers, indigents, itinerants, the underclass and the homeless. All these terms and legal categories seek to describe poor, unemployed and highly mobile people -- people who form the focal point of "Cast Out." The contributions in this collection straddle seven centuries, five continents and several academic disciplines. They delve deeper into the struggle of societies to understand and alleviate chronic poverty, whether through private charity, criminalization, institutionalization or compulsory labor.

  • "BitterSweet: The Memoir of a Chinese Indonesian Family in the Twentieth Century" by An Utari Sudibjo with Stuart Pearson.
    There are few published accounts of Chinese life in Indonesia, and fewer still written from the perspective of a woman. "BitterSweet" tells the engrossing story of An Utari Sudibjo (b. 1912), a fifth-generation Chinese resident of the Dutch East Indies. An's memories, captured here by her son-in-law, Stuart Pearson, reveal much about Chinese families, their relationships with indigenous Indonesians, and about the significant events and experiences that influenced her life.

Ohio University Press books and authors have received visibility this month from:

New York Observer, Geographical Review, Maine Antiques Digest, Northern Kentucky Heritage, American Literary Scholarship, Wisconsin State Journal, H-German list-serv, Civil War Book Review, Book News, Inc., The Jakarta Post, Current Anthropology, Xenia Daily Gazette, Winterthur Portfolio, Midwest Book Review, Strong Verse blog, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, The Courier, Technology and Culture, "Around Cincinnati" on 91.7 WVXU radio, Journal of Social History, CHOICE, and Journal of African History



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Published: Mar 6, 2009 8:00 AM  

Separate from the World cover  
"Separate from the World"


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