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Monday, June 1, 2015
Online marketing soars at OHIO Press
Web offers rich opportunity to promote selected titles  

Apr 3, 2009  
By Jeff Kallet  

Outlook features a monthly column showcasing recent titles published by Ohio University Press. The largest university press in Ohio, the press publishes 50 books annually on a variety of topics. These books carry the Ohio University name into the world, receiving national and international attention from leading scholarly journals, prominent review media and prestigious award competitions.

Like many publishers reacting to the dynamic changes and opportunities created by the Internet, Ohio University Press has rapidly adapted to the new business model. In recent years, the Press' Web site has evolved to a cutting-edge marketing tool.  Improvements in design and function have proven useful and effective in doing business.

Early in 2009, Ohio University Press stopped printing and mailing hard copy press releases -- once the stock-in-trade for spreading the word about books -- in favor of an electronic message system. This new method not only saves on postage and paper costs but offers recipients a more attractive package with all the bells and whistles associated with the Web, including downloadable book excerpts, links to related stories, blogs and media reviews, lists of related titles and an online ordering service.

In February, the Press offered four of its backlist Victorian Studies titles for free as electronic downloads. The reception to this offer came early and strong -- more than 1,000 downloads were documented even before an official announcement was made. As Web site sales steadily increase, marketing experiments such as these help generate traffic and gain exposure for frontlist titles and other books.

Ohio University Press titles published and promoted since February:

  • "Dead Last: The Public Memory of Warren G. Harding's Scandalous Legacy," by Phillip Payne. Payne explores how Warren G. Harding's political reputation devolved from a level of general popularity at his death in 1923 to a consistent standing as one of the worst U. S. presidents in history. Payne's research focus details how this legacy was negotiated and shaped by a variety of forces, including civic boosters, institutions, media, and historians, which may be of interest to scholars of the presidency, public memory,and public history.

  • "The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar," edited by Thomas Lewis Morgan and Gene Andrew Jarrett. For the first time, "The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar" compiles all of the writer's 103 short stories in one volume, which is now available in a paperback edition. The well-received original hardback earned starred reviews and honors from major review media upon its publication.

  • "Transitions: Archaic and Early Woodland Research in the Ohio Country," edited by Martha P. Otto and Brian G. Redmond. No scholarly work in recent years has presented such a rich body of archaeological information for the Late Archaic and Early Woodland Periods in Ohio. This was a critical time of transition when hunters and gatherers began to grow native seed crops, establish more permanent settlements and develop complex forms of ritual and ceremonialism, sometimes involving burial mound construction. "Transitions" presents new, previously unpublished data badly needed by scholars of Ohio prehistory.

Ohio University Press books and authors have received press this month from the following places:

African Studies Review, Canadian Journal of History, Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing, The Victorian Web, H-Diplo roundtable reviews and discussion, Portsmouth News-Herald (New Hampshire), seacoastonline.com, Lambda Literary Foundation, Research in African Literatures, International Journal of African Historical Studies, Record-Courier (Ravenna), H-German reviews and discussion,  Journal of Chinese Political Science, The Historian, Books & Culture: A Christian Review, The Rocky Mountain Review, Contemporary Poetry Review, Book News, Akron Beacon Journal, Central European History, Poetry Daily, Gloss: The Fashion Magazine, American Historical Review, International History Review, SirReadaLot.org, Social History of Medicine, Environment and History and the Polish American Journal.



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Published: Apr 3, 2009 8:57 AM  

Ohio University Press Web site  
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