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Monday, September 10, 2007
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Sept. 10, 2007

Four individuals offer their perspective on the news that Ohio University will establish a graduate college:

"The formation of a Graduate College and its merger with the Office of Research and Creative Activity are important steps towards the Vision OHIO goal of relating research and creative activity to our academic mission. While the obvious link is with graduate education, the importance of research and creative activity in undergraduate education will continue to be stressed."

--  James Rankin,
interim vice president for research

"The (Vision OHIO) Graduate Priorities Implementation Team  --  after a year of internal and external research and meetings with concerned constituencies  --  made the formation of a graduate college one of its top three priorities for improving graduate education at this university, and I am personally delighted to see that it is going to happen. In our research and forums, our team found repeatedly that the lack of attention to graduate needs in the last two decades could be traced back to the fact that there has been no advocate for graduate issues in our upper administrative structure during that time. I think that having a graduate dean will lead us much more quickly to accomplishing the other implementation team priorities, such as higher stipend levels, lower fees and greater subsidy of student health insurance. In our meetings with the Graduate Council and the Graduate Student Senate, they came to favor the formation of a graduate college also, so I think they will be pleased by this development as well."

-- Josie Bloomfield,
associate professor of English, chair of the Graduate Priorities Implementation Team

"The creation of a graduate college is an important initiative for graduate education at Ohio University. The Vision OHIO Graduate Priorities Implementation team's No. 1 recommendation was to establish a graduate college. After reviewing documents, analyzing data from our peer institutions and holding public forums with constituent groups, including Graduate Council and Graduate Student Senate, the group determined that this was the best structure for advocacy of graduate programs and students. This will give the dean of the graduate college a central role in helping to set university priorities.  The goal of this initiative is to structure the university to better support our graduate mission."

-- Chuck McWeeny,
dean of the College of Fine Arts, professor of art and member of the Graduate Priorities Implementation Team

"Combining the vice president and the dean of graduate college position makes sense. In many departments, graduate education is closely intertwined with research activity and funding. I expect that a restructuring that brings greater coordination between these two elements would benefit our graduate students and help us in achieving our mission in both research and teaching."

-- Joe Shields,
chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and member of the VP for research search  committee

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Published: Sep 10, 2007 11:28:09 AM
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