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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
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Faculty Senate passes 11 resolutions on five-year plan

Nov. 6, 2007
By Stephen McKean

Faculty Senate hammered out and voted Monday night on 11 resolutions summing up its feedback on the draft of a five-year plan to implement Vision OHIO.

After several weeks of debate and discussion, the senate passed all but one of the resolutions unanimously. A resolution calling for an assessment of the university's current marketing campaign by measuring improvements in the quality of recruited students received one "nay" vote.

With subject matter ranging from intercollegiate athletics to interdisciplinary studies, the 11 resolutions touch on an array of faculty priorities relative to the cumulative investments proposed for fiscal years 2008 and 2012.

The two resolutions that garnered the most attention deal with faculty hiring and workloads. On the hiring issue, the resolution states that although the senate called for hiring more faculty in May 2006, the draft plan contains no provision for addressing that request.

The senate also sought to quantify the greater time commitments it says the plan will require of faculty. Stating "increases in faculty workload often come at the expense of teaching quality and research productivity," the senate asks that these specific concerns be addressed in the plan's budget.

Other resolutions passed Monday night call for:

  • Discussion and review of the comprehensive plan by all senates, the University Curriculum Council, Graduate Council and other relevant committees
  • Continued efforts to improve access to higher education in the region, including through the use of technology and other instructional strategies on regional campuses
  • Identification of goals that would result in more resources for academic units and a decision to fund any enhancements in academic support units from reallocations in those units
  • A commitment to funding existing interdisciplinary programs
  • Taking into account all students, not just student-athletes, in any effort to enhance students' academic success
  • Benchmarking and accountability measures for fundraising efforts and a revenue stream to support them other than the general fund
  • A new Student Information System to be excluded from "competition for funds identified in the Five-Year Academic Plan"
  • The plan to include the resources required to accomplish the goals identified in the strategic plans of the colleges, schools and departments

The resolutions will be delivered to the Five-Year Academic Action Plan Committee, which will incorporate them in its summary report due to Executive Vice President and Provost Kathy Krendl by Nov. 15. Krendl is to take feedback from all constituent groups into account in her recommendations for updates to the draft, which is due to President Roderick McDavis in late November. McDavis is expected to present the updated proposal to the Board of Trustees at its February meeting.

Krendl, contacted Tuesday morning, indicated that the work of constituent groups on the plan matters. 

"I'm pleased that there are lively and substantive discussions taking place within each of constituent groups," she said. "They have approached the draft plan in the spirit of trying to recommend what is best for the university. President McDavis and I will be receptive to the work that each of the groups has done." 

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