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Monday, June 1, 2015
2008-09 University Professor Scott Titsworth

May 27, 2008  

Each year, the student body rewards four to five university faculty for their teaching excellence and overall contributions to higher education with the title of University Professor. The 2008-09 honorees are Josephine Bloomfield, Jennifer Chabot, Barry Tadlock, Nancy Tatarek and Scott Titsworth.

Scott Titsworth, Department of Communication Studies

In addition to teaching graduate courses, including Communication and Emotions and various quantitative methods courses, I currently serve as the associate director for graduate studies in the School of Communication Studies.

Prior to that, I served as the basic course director and primary mentor for teaching assistants in charge of COMS 103, Introduction to Public Speaking.

In 2006, I -- along with colleagues from the Center for Academic Technology -- received a grant from the Ohio Learning Network to redesign the mass lecture Introduction to Communication (COMS 103) course to use active learning and discussion-based pedagogy.

My research and scholarship explores the effects of various teaching approaches on student note-taking as well as students' emotional experiences in classes. I am also co-author of four undergraduate textbooks in the discipline of communication.

Learning that I was named University Professor was very special because I knew that a good number of students had to take time to nominate and select me for the award. At first I felt emotions ranging from excitement to humility. Now, more than anything else, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to honor the many students who have helped me become a better teacher. I am also very excited about the wonderful opportunity to teach my University Professor classes next year.



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Published: May 27, 2008 8:27 AM  

Scott Titsworth
Scott Titsworth

Courses I will teach via my University Professor Award 

The Emotions of Learning

This class explores the many connections between our emotions and the process of learning. Using various perspectives ranging from the humanities to the social sciences, this class will consider the ways in which modern educational institutions have become fossilized and rooted within a narrow definition of "learning" that stems from instrumental rationality.

Through scholars such as Dewey and Friere as well as contemporary literature and popular culture discourses about learning, we will explore how emotional transformations underpin many of the most effective instances of "education reform" in the last century.

The Terrains of Emotion

Human beings experience and embody emotions tied to specific times, places and events. Although many popular culture discussions of emotion use monolithic statements to characterize people (e.g., "he is unemotional"), individuals' embodied emotions are as varied as the experiences that give rise to them.

Using the metaphor of "terrain," this class explores the multi-faceted nature of emotion. Starting with theoretical discussions about what constitutes "emotion," we will gain various theoretical lenses for understanding the role of emotion in important events such as Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11 World Trade Center bombings as well as unique public spaces such as the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. As we traverse these events and spaces, we will gain an understanding of how the notion of terrain becomes an apt metaphor for describing embodied emotional experiences.



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