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Monday, June 1, 2015
2008-09 University Professor Barry Tadlock

May 27, 2008  

Each year, the student body rewards four to five university faculty for their teaching excellence and overall contributions to higher education with the title of University Professor. The 2008-09 honorees are Josephine Bloomfield, Jennifer Chabot, Barry Tadlock, Nancy Tatarek and Scott Titsworth.

Barry Tadlock, Department of Political Science

At the undergraduate level I teach a 100-level course in American national government and 400-level courses in legislative processes and the American presidency. I also teach a graduate seminar in executive and legislative politics.

I currently have two research agendas. First, along with three other faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences, I have been involved in a 10-year investigation of the impact of welfare reform in Appalachian Ohio.

Second, I conduct research in the area of identity politics, and that is the area that will inform my University Professor course on the study of gender and race in American electoral campaigns.

I'm honored to be selected through a process that is completely student-driven and to be included among so many outstanding teachers.



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Published: May 27, 2008 8:27 AM  

Barry Tadlock
Barry Tadlock

Course I will teach via my University Professor Award 

Harold, Call Me: Race and Gender in Recent Election Campaigns

Given the high profile of the Clinton and Obama 2008 Democratic presidential campaigns, this course will take advantage of the interest generated by these candidates. The course will investigate recent U.S. electoral campaigns -- primarily at the presidential and congressional levels -- in order to better understand how gender and racial factors operate. The course will focus on campaign strategy -- including advertising strategy -- and campaign media coverage on broadcast television.

The first part of the course title refers to an infamous ad that aired late in the Harold Ford-Bob Corker 2006 U.S. Senate campaign in Tennessee. The phrase -- "Harold, call me" -- was spoken by a bare-shouldered blond woman, who then winks at the camera.

For portions of course material, we will use archived campaign advertisements at the Political Communication Center at the University of Oklahoma and archived TV news from the Television News Archive at Vanderbilt University.

Graded components of the class will include two exams; a presentation project in which each student uses a campaign ad or TV newscast to illustrate a thematic issue from the course; and class participation. 



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