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Monday, June 1, 2015
2008 Research & Creative Activity Expo winners

May 16, 2008  

The 2008 prize winners are:

Biological Sciences 1

1st Place Juan Ding
2nd Place Brian Bower

Biological Sciences 2

1st Place Setu Kaushal
2nd Place Lucila Sackmann Sala

Biological Sciences 3

1st Place Erika Peiffer
2nd Place Kristin Stover

Biological Sciences 4

1st Place William Johnson
2nd Place Ma Shuang

Biomedical Sciences 1

1st Place Tie Christian Stork
1st Place tie Jennifer Yee

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 1

1st Place Channa De Silva
2nd Place Chong Li

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2

1st Place China Malakondaiah Kummitha

Chemistry & Biochemistry 1

1st Place Beth Anne McClure
2nd Place Yao Xiong

Chemistry & Biochemistry 2

1st Place Adam Jacoby
2nd Place Eroica Soans

Chemistry & Biochemistry 3

1st Place Elroy Fernandes
2nd Place Yao Lu

Chemistry & Biochemistry 4

1st Place Eric Abrams
2nd Place Michelle Cooperrider

Communication 1

1st Place Sarah Heiss
2nd Place Kevin Meyer

Communication 2

1st Place Tie Amanda Purnell
1st Place Tie Candace Fyffe

Education 1

1st Place Albert Akyeampong
2nd Place Tess Leyser

Education 2

1st Place Tie Janine El-Amin
1st Place Tie Cheun-Yeong Lee

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 1

1st Place Justin Mamrak
2nd Place Mark Smearcheck

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 2

1st Place Tie Scott Solomon
1st Place Tie Bruce Bilyeu

Environmental & Plant Biology 1

1st Place Brian Keppler
2nd Place Wei Zeng

Environmental & Plant Biology 2

1st Place Nathan Jud
2nd Place Melanie Schori

Fine Arts 1

1st Place Jennifer Chambers
2nd Place Lindsay Calvert

Fine Arts 2

1st Place Shawn Smith
2nd Place Max Wheeler

Geography & Geological Sciences

1st Place Tie Amelia Gerst
1st Place Tie Clare Bruggeman

Health & Human Services 1

1st Place Tie Travis Lovejoy
1st Place Tie Julia Smith

Health & Human Services 2

1st Place Ning Zhou
2nd Place Beula Magimairaj

Human & Consumer Sciences

1st Place Vishakha Magon
2nd Place Crystal Hazen

Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

1st Place Sadie Roth
2nd Place Xiaozhe Yang


1st Place Jennette Lovejoy
2nd Place Jerrod Lemaster

Language Arts

1st Place Tie Laura Rossi
1st Place Tie Katie Flynn

Mechanical Engineering

1st Place Daniel Folz
2nd Place Seigneur Austin

Osteopathic Medicine

1st Place Elizabeth Gomes
2nd Place Amy Zidron

Physics & Astronomy 1

1st Place Tie Kangkang Wang
1st Place Tie Daniel Hoy

Physics & Astronomy 2

1st Place Aderemi Adekola
2nd Place Gayani Perera

Political Science 1

1st Place William Wemer
2nd Place Gail Clendenin

Political Science 2

1st Place Katie Tuttle
2nd Place Lindsay Munaretto

Psychology 1

1st Place Naomi Drakeford
2nd Place Amy Saling

Psychology 2

1st Place Tie Nobuko Mizoguchi
1st Place Tie Stephanie Judson

Psychology 3

1st Place Todd Doyle
2nd Place Travis Lovejoy

Psychology 4

1st Place Kelly Earlenbaugh
1st Place Claire Russell


1st Place Mitchell Guiler
2nd Place Clint Sheets

Sociology & Anthropology 1

1st Place Molly Bukky
2nd Place Rebakah Daro

Sociology & Anthropology 2

1st Place Muhammad Chozin
2nd Place Anna Colaner

Telecommunications 1

1st Place Tie Wesley Cronk
1st Place Tie Bryan Cain

Telecommunications 2

1st Place Melissa Hendricks
2nd Place Cynara Medina

Visual Arts

1st Place Kathryn Primeau
2nd Place Mallory Muffley

Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs

  1. Public Service Award:
    Travis Lovejoy

  2. Multi-Disciplinary Award:
    Scott Nykl

  3. Innovation Award:
    Ramasamy Palaniappan

iPod Raffle Winner:
Jyothsna Jakka (Guest) and Robert Vanyo (Expo Participant)



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Published: May 16, 2008 11:46 AM  






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