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Monday, June 1, 2015
How OHIO pulled <i>this</i> off
A glimpse at an incredibly busy, productive week  

Mar 11, 2008  
From staff reports   

Wow, what a week!

In seven days' time, Ohio University was the scene of two "FOX & Friends" broadcasts (March 4-5), National Public Radio's "Mountain Stage" (March 3) and campaign stops by Chelsea Clinton, Michelle Obama (both on the Athens campus Feb. 28) and Hillary Clinton (at an Ohio University-Southern facility the same day). Plus, 24 high school basketball games took place in the Convocation Center from Feb. 21 through March 9.

What did all that mean for Ohio University? We let numbers speak about some of the events that university staffers worked hard -- and successfully -- to pull off.

1 million: estimated number of viewers who watch "FOX & Friends" daily and got to see our students in action

62: number of times Ohio University was referred to during the two FOX broadcasts

55: minutes the FOX program broadcast from Ohio University out of the two shows' 237 minutes on the air. Commercials took up the other 68 minutes of the two, three-hour broadcasts

$2.7 million: the value of that airtime had it been purchased at FOX News' advertising rates

2,100 and 1,400: the number of slices of pizza and meatball sliders, respectively, Baker Center Catering provided for the Tuesday night election watch party that FOX and ThePalestra.com hosted for students

600 and 150: number of pieces of coffee cake and gallons of coffee those same dedicated folks served up to the early risers involved in the "FOX & Friends" broadcasts

3 a.m.: Earliest hour the new Baker University Center has been inhabited (for staff arriving to assist with the FOX broadcasts)

3/3/08: The first time a wooden statue -- with a ticket, no less -- has attended a Performing Arts Center event. A pair of Ani DeFranco fans arrived at the "Mountain Stage" show and told Director of University Events Gretchen Stephens, "We've got a woman who can't sit down." Stephens found the statue some space at the back of Memorial Auditorium.

75: approximate number of local, national and international media representatives attending Hillary Clinton's campaign stop at the Ohio University-Southern Child Care Development Center in Hanging Rock, Ohio

25: number of electrical outlets available to those 75 media people, each one with one or more laptops, PDAs, cell phones, cameras and recorders

50: number of employees who staffed the recent weeks' high school basketball games

48,000: Approximate number of people attending the recent events for which Ohio University Police Department provided coverage. (The lion's share of those folks were high school basketball fans.)

Countless: The number of people who are to be commended for hard work.



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Published: Mar 11, 2008 2:23 PM  

FOX News anchors at OU
FOX News anchor Alisyn Camerota was joined by co-anchor Geraldo Rivera on Tuesday's broadcast and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and pollster Frank Luntz on Wednesday.



Photographer Rick Fatica  

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