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Monday, June 1, 2015
Senior class gives gift of experience
Seniors share memories, hopes, advice via video  

Jun 12, 2008  
By Breanne Smith  

Each year, tradition calls for the graduating class to present a gift to the university. Benches, placards and endowments are but a few examples.

This year, members of Ohio University's class of 2008 -- raised with personal computers in their homes and cell phones in their back pockets -- are creating a video time capsule.

"We are in the digital age," Senior Class Council President Lynn Walsh pointed out. "Why not make something exciting that can be seen by future classes?"

Plans call for a DVD and plaque to be placed in Konneker Alumni Center or Baker University Center, where alumni, students and visitors can enjoy watching this year's seniors discuss their college experiences.

Zach Smart, a video production major and graduating senior, is handling most of the filming and editing.

"I've been talking to so many people," he said. "I'm hearing about a lot of stuff I never would've thought about as far as what is significant to other students here. I have my own personal view of what college meant to me, and it's fun seeing this wide spectrum of what's been important to everyone else."

Smart said more than 75 seniors have participated, and more are expected to contribute, answering questions about their favorite university memories, what they're looking forward to and advice they want to share with incoming students.

When complete, the 30- to 45-minute video also will include footage from significant campus events during the class members' time on campus, such as athletic events, Senior Sendoff and commencement. 

Kyle Heppeard, a senior education major, was happy to be part of history.

"It's one of those things that's not only good for our class to look back on and see what people felt and thought about being here at OU," he said, "but also to show new students the truth -- that this is a great place to come to school. (The video) will be such a cool thing to have in the future."

Seniors comment on...

Their favorite memories:
"Oh. There's so many that I can't even narrow it down! (laughs) How much time you got?"

-- Kyle Heppeard

Their love for Ohio University:
"I'm definitely going to miss the carefree atmosphere in Athens; life kind of slows down here, and that's the way I love it."

-- Jason Showalter

Their post-graduation plans:
"I'm, uhh, actually currently working on master plans to find a way to stay here as long as I possibly can!"

-- Greg Kigar

Their last four years:
"Things are going to be a little hectic here for a while. I'm nervous, excited, you know, everything all at once! But I couldn't have asked for a better experience, in a better place, with a better group of people."

-- Maggie Mackenzie

Their class:
"I'm excited to see our class do some great things in the future. And the only thing I hope is that we all keep in touch!"

-- Kimberly Kanner

Leaving campus:
"Leaving? Who's leaving? They're trying to make me leave this place?"

-- Kyle Marshall



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Published: Jun 12, 2008 1:39 PM  

Zach Smart captures Senior Sendoff footage
Zach Smart captures footage from last week's Senior Sendoff event.  

Photographer: Diego James Robles  

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