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Friday, September 22, 2006
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"What I wish I knew then?"

Sept. 22, 2006
By Katie Taybus

The newly named Scripps College of Communication, in commemoration of the generous donation and 40-year partnership with the Scripps Howard Foundation, hosted a number of workshops on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

"What I Wish I Knew Then: Top 10"
According to Mark Tomasik and Peter Copeland

1. Any business is just that -- a business. Understand how it works, and you'll figure out where the opportunities are.

2. Nobody cares how much you know or what grade you got on your ECON 381 final. Judgment is based on what you produce at that time.

3. Peer pressure (also known as "idiot wind") will drag you down. Break away from the pack and don't be afraid to take risks. You'll be rewarded.

4. Thinking ahead will make you look like a genius. What separates average from exceptional is the courage to step it up and go with it.

5. Beware of the "disease of conceit." The first time you take a hit, you'll need people to fall back on. Collaboration is the key to survival. You don't know everything.

6. When being interviewed, don't just tell them how great you are. Tell them how great you are for their company. Be sure to do research and cite examples of what you can do for them.

7. Your boss isn't stupid, he/she only sometimes seem that way because they can't read your mind. OVERCOMMUNICATE.

8. Forever young: adapt and you'll never grow old. Accept changes and grow with them.

9. Your job will seem tough, unforgiving and thankless. But at the same time, it should also be noble, worthwhile, and fun.

10. Burn, baby, burn! Be passionate about your work. If you care about it, you'll be successful. Nothing is worth faking it for.

They covered a wide variety of topics, from how to create a media business to positioning yourself for career success. Sessions were led by visiting Scripps executives and Ohio University alumni.

First-year Ohio University student, Jen Pontzer, found that Mark Tomasik, editor of the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, and Peter Copeland, editor and general manager of the Scripps Howard News Service, outdid themselves during their session. It was titled: "What I Wish I Knew Then: Steps that must be Taken Early in your Career."

"This was definitely the best session I went to," said Pontzer, a journalism-news editing major. "As a student who's new to the college experience, this gave me the advantage of knowing things that these executives only wished they knew at my age."

Copeland stressed to students that it is okay not to know where you will end up after graduation. Many people go through several jobs before finding one that fits.  He emphasized that your first job will not be your last job.

Juli Schilling, a broadcast journalism major, found this information enlightening.

"I'm a junior, which means half of my college career is over," she said. "I have already started thinking about what I'll do afterwards. It took a huge weight off my shoulders to hear him say that."

The session was filled with plenty of other helpful hints as well. Tomasik stressed that the number one priority in any job should be taking care of yourself. Everything else comes second.

"Remember," Tomasik said, "you are nothing to your company when you're not in the best physical condition you can be. Who wants to work with someone who is crabby, tired and only accomplishing half of what they're capable of?"

Other topics discussed had to deal with accepting changes in an ever-changing world, operating on many media levels, learning to collaborate with co-workers and the importance of taking risks and breaking away from the pack.

"I would never have thought to ask about the issues they addressed," Pontzer said. "I guess I had in mind that my GPA was the only thing that mattered. I feel like now I know to work really hard at the practical, everyday stuff as well. Grades are important, but they highlighted the fact that they're not the number one determinate of success."

Katie Taybus is a student writer with University Communications and Marketing.

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Published: Sep 22, 2006 8:29:29 AM
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