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Monday, November 13, 2006
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New resource development training program teaches grant writing skills

ATHENS, Ohio (Nov. 13, 2006) -- Faculty and staff at Ohio University's five regional campuses will soon be able to take advantage of a new resource development-training program offered through the Office of University Outreach and Regional Campuses. The goal of the program is to train participants in the skill of pursuing extramural funding for their scholarly projects.

"Bringing in funding is part of (faculty members') promotion and tenure package. Funding enables faculty to pursue a research agenda that in turns provides publishing opportunities," said UORC Director of Resource Development Debbie Catri, who designed the program and will lead the training sessions.

The training program promotes goals of Vision Ohio's Academic plan, which calls for supporting "growth in scholarly activity and research productivity that lead to increased sponsored research, creative activity, and national prominence."

The training program is set up in two tiers. The first tier is designed for people with limited experience pursuing extramural funding. They will learn the process from start to finish. The second tier is for more advanced training and is still in the planning stages. Sessions will be relatively small, with between 10 and 20 members in each, creating a more personalized experience.

Beginning in January, participants in the first tier will receive hands-on instruction on building proposals, creating partnerships and writing grants.

"It's an art, but it's also a learnable skill," Catri said. 

Catri believes in the power of practice when mastering the skill of grant writing. Participants will practice all aspects of the process under Catri's supervision and, with her 17 years of experience behind them, will gain priceless skills.

Catri is optimistic about the success of the program and the benefits for students and staff alike. The program will start small, but more people will get involved once they see the results their colleagues are getting, she said.

For more information, contact Debbie Catri at 614-367-9371 ext. 727 or catri@ohio.edu.

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