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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
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Putting her stamp on the world
Former Peace Corps volunteer earns Presidential Management Fellowship

May 29, 2007
By Melissa Evans

For graduate student Lindsay Partusch, the road to receiving a nationally competitive award began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa.
"I really wanted a job in which my personal contribution would be important," Partusch says of her decision to volunteer as an English teacher in Gabon.
Lindsay PartuschShe found what she was looking for in public service, and her future in the field will continue to unfold this summer. After she completes master's degrees in economics and African studies, she'll go to Washington, D.C., to begin a two-year fellowship with the Department of Energy as a Presidential Management Fellow.
"Many young people don't think of the federal government as a viable job option, but it is a great place for us to put our stamp on the world," she says. "To be fresh out of graduate school and become directly involved with government operations and learning about policy is the best way for me to give back."
The Presidential Management Fellowship program attracts people from a variety of academic disciplines with a commitment to leadership and management of public policies and programs in federal service. Partusch will be an industry specialist, a position in which she will work with the strategic petroleum reserve and the northeast home heating oil reserve, both of which are emergency petroleum supplies. She says the opportunity piqued her interest because of her experience in Gabon, a country in which the economy is based in oil.
"This job is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry," she says.
Michael Gray, associate director of African studies, has served as an adviser to Partusch. He says her work ethic and other qualities will benefit her in her public service career.
"You can put her in almost any type of arena and she can engage with people," he says. "In addition to being one of the most well-rounded people I've met, she's also in that category of being the brightest."

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Published: Jul 20, 2006 3:50:00 PM
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