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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
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United Appeal campaign coming to a close

Feb. 13, 2007

Dear University Colleagues:

We are winding this year?s United Appeal campaign to a close and we want to reach out to you one final time, update you on our progress, and personally ask for your help!

We started this journey in the fall with an Ohio University goal of $105,000 but, as importantly, a goal of 100 percent participation from our faculty and staff. Ohio University is always proud to be the largest single supporter of United Appeal, and this year continued that tradition. Our staff has historically spoken loudly with their support.

The campaign ends on Feb. 28, and we wish we were able to tell you that we have met our goal. Unfortunately, this is not the case, despite generous gifts from over 380 staff members. Today we stand with a total of $69,525 against our goal of $105,000. We are over $35,000 short of our goal. We know there are so many of us who intended to give, but never got around to it. There is still time!

Several units are really exhibiting the spirit of giving. In terms of percent of participation, the four highest units as of Jan. 31 were:

  • Emeriti (100 percent)
  • University Advancement (25.35 percent)
  • Library (10.58 percent)
  • College of Business (10.16 percent)

As promised, each of those units will receive tickets to Performing Arts Series events, OHIO men?s basketball, the Athena Grand, or Southern Ohio Copperheads baseball.

If $35,000 sounds like a large sum, then consider this ... only 6.8 percent of university staff members this year have stepped forward to make their gift. We know that we can do better than this. Surely, more than 6.8 percent of us have an interest in the successes of United Appeal in our backyard, our home community. Surely, more than 6.8 percent of us have benefited from its services or know those friends and neighbors who have. Your gift, at the level of your choice, is what really matters most. You can make a difference! If 15 percent of us participated at the same rate as our current contributors, we can blow the roof off this campaign and raise over $150,000!

Many of us have supported this effort in the past. You have been an integral part of the success and far-reaching impact of this unique organization. You have heard it said that the history of this University is bound to our community, to Athens, to our region. This special bond is nurtured and enhanced by efforts and programs such as United Appeal. And we need you now, to reinforce that life-affirming bond.

Can we ask you to once again urge your colleagues to consider making a gift to the United Appeal Campaign before Feb. 28?

United Appeal is the only community philanthropy activity officially embraced by Ohio University and it remains so because of its ability to touch so many of our neighbors. They count on us for support?and we count on them to be there in our time of need.

Gary Neiman and Kent Smith are the campus co-chairs with United Appeal. Contact United Appeal at 740-592-1293


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Published: Jul 20, 2006 3:50:00 PM
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