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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
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New steps constructed near Chubb Hall

ATHENS, Ohio (Sept. 28, 2005) -- Ohio University has taken the initiative to relocate the old steps south of Chubb Hall and replace them with new ones.

"The old steps were in bad need of repair and led foot traffic to a point on Court Street where there was no crosswalk. The new steps lead directly to the crosswalk at President's Street," Mark Whitney, director of grounds maintenance, says as he explains the reasoning behind the new innovation.

The new sidewalk and steps are south of Chubb, leading from Court Street up toward McGuffey Hall and lead down toward the crosswalk at Court and President Street.

Because of the elimination of many of the steps that were in the old walk, it will now be more efficient to remove snow because of the increased ramp accessibility, where equipment can be used in place of hand-labor.

Whitney said many concerns have been expressed as to why the new steps are not handicap accessible. The designers of the new steps attempted to add this feature to the new campus improvement, but found there was too much slope on the hill. Handicap access remains a short distance away at the north side of Chubb Hall.

As for future plans, the University Planning and Implementation Office has been studying the sidewalk system in light of the new University Student Center, which is being constructed. Specifically, they are studying the volume and new patterns that will emerge, and are making plans for that event.

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Media Contact: Mark Whitney (740) 593-0460 or whitneym@ohio.edu

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