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Monday, October 10, 2005
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2005 recipients of 1804 Fund awards

ATHENS, Ohio (Oct. 10, 2005) -- The Ohio University Foundation has awarded $230,000 from the 1804 Fund to 14 new research and educational initiatives. Projects receiving awards during the 2005 funding cycle range from research on an ammonia fuel engine for automobiles to the acquisition of a Student Response System that will increase student engagement and academic performance in large lecture courses.

2005 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, faculty research and graduate studies

Project: "Acquisition of a High Sensitivity Spectrofluorometer"
Recipients: Robert Colvin, Mary Chamberlin, Daewoo Lee, Soicho Tanda and Tomohiko Sugiyama, Department of Biological Sciences; Bonita Biegalke, Xiao Chen, Frank Horodyski, Yang Li and Edwin Roland, Department of Biomedical Sciences; Allan Showalter, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology; and Michael Kushnick, School of Recreation and Sport Sciences
Amount: $36,000

Project: "Bringing Together the Cell and the Computer: A Proposal for Research & Education Program in Bioinformatics"
Recipients: Lonnie Welch, David Juedes and Frank Drews, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Doug Goetz, School of Chemical Engineering; Allan Showalter, Ahmed Faik and Sarah Wyatt, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology; Winifried Just, Department of Mathematics; and John Kopchick and David Wight, Edison Biotechnical Institute
Amount: $36,000

Project: "OU Ammonia Fuel Engine Car"
Recipients: Gerardine Botte, School of Chemical Engineering; J. Jim Zhu, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Greg Cremer, School of Mechanical Engineering
Amount: $36,000

Project: "User Research Installation for the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab"
Recipient: Beth Novak, School of Telecommunications
Amount: $20,000

2005 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, undergraduate learning

Project: "Oral Histories and Documentaries: The African American Presence in Rural Ohio Valley"
Recipients: Vibert Cambridge*, African American Studies
Amount: $23,365

Project: "Laboratory Equipment for Inquiry-based Learning"
Recipients: David Ingram, Mark Lucas, Ryan Higgins and Louis Wright, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Amount: $20,821

Project: "Math Success Project"
Recipients: Cynthia Kabat King and Tiffany Hedges Academic Advancement Center; Laura Moss and David Keck, Department of Mathematics; Greg Oberlin, University College; and Majorie Dewert, Department of Educational Studies
Amount: $17,240

Project: "Leadership East & West: Developing Globally-minded Leaders"
Recipients: Greg Emery, Global Learning Community
Amount: $12,585

Project: "New Genre Art"
Recipients: Jennie Klein*, Department of Art History
Amount: $12,000

Project: "Enhancing the Undergraduate Learning Experience"
Recipients: Mark Brewer, Telecommunications Center
Amount: $6,391

Project: "Maximizing Student Success and Learning Through the Use of a Student Response System"
Recipients: Patrick Munhall, Department of Psychology; Rebecca Petty, Campus Services, Ohio University Lancaster Campus; Patrick Drumm, Department of Psychology, Ohio University Lancaster Campus
Amount: $4,998

Project: "Columbus State Community College First Day"
Recipients: Shannon Scott, College of Arts & Sciences
Amount: $4,600

* Joint proposals to undergraduate learning and faculty research & graduate studies.

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