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Thursday, October 6, 2005
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President McDavis address media at Oct. 5 press briefing

ATHENS, Ohio (Oct. 6, 2005) -- Ohio University President Roderick McDavis met with the local media on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at Cutler Hall to update them on the university's latest news and initiatives.

McDavis announced that many Ohio University employees will receive a mid-year 1 percent pay raise. All administrative and classified staff will receive the 1 percent raise. Select outstanding faculty members will be awarded a raise from a 1 percent faculty raise pool according to last year's peer evaluation process.

Administrators will receive the raise after Jan. 1, 2006, classified employees will receive the increase after Dec. 11, 2005, and faculty will be awarded the raise after Feb. 15, 2006. The total pay raise pool is $1.7 million.

The raise is a result of the university meeting its enrollment goals for fall 2005. The incoming first-year student class was the largest in school history at 4,167.

The president praised the university's new MBA program requirements. Starting this year, all MBA students will conduct project-related work at the Voinovich Center as part of their 15-month academic curriculum. The MBA students will offer advice to more than 700 regional businesses regarding their business plan, financial situation and business operations technology. Last year, MBA students helped regional businesses secure more than $20 million in loans, $30 million in new government contracts and nearly $1.5 million from individual investors.

McDavis also applauded the Ohio University Innovation Center for its contribution to the local economy. He said the center created 211 jobs and more than $7.6 million in labor income in Athens County during 2004. An independent study found that eight businesses within the center accounted for 73 percent of the 211 jobs during the year. They also created $5.4 million in labor income from direct employment and $524,000 in labor income from outsourcing. The study also discovered that employees of the Innovation Center spent more than $1.5 million locally last year.

Addressing a question about the recent problems with student behavior near campus, McDavis said the university is actively seeking ways to reduce alcohol-related arrests and unruly behavior.

"Let me make it clear that the vast majority of students on campus are doing the right thing," McDavis said.

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Media Contact: Media Specialist Jack Jeffery, (740) 597-1793 or jefferyj@ohio.edu

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