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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
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Ohio University Without Boundaries honored for program excellence

ATHENS, Ohio (April 12, 2006) -- The Ohio Continuing Higher Education Association presented Ohio University Without Boundaries with its Program Excellence Award for their work with the Sogeti-Ohio Program. The award was given Thursday, March 23, at the association's annual conference awards banquet.

Ohio University Without Boundaries Director Muriel L. Ballou accepted the award, along with Sogeti-Ohio Young Professional Ysbran Adema and Sogeti-Ohio Coach Barry van Heerwaarden. The award recognizes institutions that are making contributions to continuing higher education in Ohio, with a focus on quality, excellence and positive impact on the community.

"I was very pleased and excited for us and for Sogeti. It's a good thing for everyone's work to be recognized," said Ballou, who nominated the program for the award. "I know what a good and innovative program this is and how much value it holds for our clients."

The program is so valuable that Sogeti International wrote a support letter for the program, stating how important it has been to the success of its Young Professionals. This is what Ballou believes was one of their biggest strengths going into the awards process.

The Sogeti-Ohio Program is a customized training program conducted by Ohio University Without Boundaries and the training division of Sogeti Netherlands, an information and computer technology company that was searching for a revitalized training program after the European economy went into recession after Sept. 11, 2001. Ohio University Without Boundaries made a proposal and the program officially began in October 2003.

Newly hired Young Professionals who complete the program either work within the Sogeti infrastructure or become IT consultants for a variety of companies and organizations throughout the Netherlands. The Young Professionals already have technical training in areas such as software testing, software engineering and programming, but often lack an understanding of the businesses they are asked to serve, which is where the Sogeti-Ohio Program steps in.

The training program is three weeks in length and conducted on-site at Ohio University. It blends face-to-face interaction and online research, which, according to Ballou, makes the program very different. Spotlights or mini-workshops are scattered throughout the three-week period to highlight specific areas and are conducted by coaches from both Ohio University Without Boundaries and Sogeti.

The program continues to grow and is starting to see documented long-term successes, which include increased performance and decreased time of adjustment to new environments, as well as the rise in retention of new Sogeti employees.

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