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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
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The man behind the Oasis menu

Oct. 13, 2004

By George Mauzy

Charley Moseley says it was just by chance that he became production manager of The Oasis.

During his interview for an assistant director of food services position, he was asked what would be his ideal job at the University. Without hesitation he replied, "Manager of The Oasis, without a doubt."

Charles MoseleyThe Oasis is known as a hub for international students, staff and faculty on campus and maintaining that popularity is important to Moseley. In fact, the restaurant is a regular late night weekend stop for international students who choose the small diner atmosphere.

"One of the first things I did was develop a diverse menu that offered something for every category of customer," Moseley says. "Among the special groups we cater to are vegetarian, organic and international food eaters. We even offer organic coffee."

Patrons are treated to special menu items like calamari served lightly seasoned and breaded on Tuesdays and samosas, an Indian potato-filled dish, sold every Thursday.

"We come up with at least one non-traditional meal option every night - we call it the number five," Moseley says. "There's a good chance that it will be something the students have never eaten before and even if they don't try it, they end up talking about it with their friends. As a retail restaurant that relies on attracting customers, we want people talking about our menu."

Moseley, who has a master's degree in sociology from Ohio University, likes the freedom that the position brings, because it allows him to control the menu, his work hours and his product suppliers.

"I like to work crazy hours," he says. "You may see me in here early in the morning or late at night, even on a weekend, because I like working a flexible schedule. I also like the fact that I can order food from different suppliers when I want to prepare something a little different than the norm."

Moseley says customer satisfaction is always the most important factor in any business.

"Satisfying the customer is our number one priority," Moseley says. "If a customer isn't happy with an item we sold, we must make the situation right!"

Moseley, who always wears his chef's uniform to work, says his student employees are another key to the restaurant's success.

"I always tell people that I could run a Fortune 500 company with the students we have," Moseley says. "Among our more than 35 student employees, we have many MBA, doctorate and master's degree students from all types of majors. These are people who take working here serious and value the customers. I need people with character who want to make good grades and use this job as a learning laboratory. In the world of business, if you combine a high quality product with great customer service, the world is yours and you'll be successful."

George Mauzy is a media specialist with University Communications and Marketing.

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