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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
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Nine Ohio University students win Fulbright Awards

ATHENS, Ohio (May 24, 2005) -- Nine Ohio University students and recent alumni have won Fulbright awards for the 2005-06 academic year.

Fulbright award winners are: Rollin Beamish, recent alumnus of the graduate program in painting; Robert Davis, doctoral student in history; Carolyn Drake, recent alumnus of the graduate program in photojournalism; Zach Garinger, international studies major; Bryan Morris, master's student in international development studies; Kara Petrosky, German Education major; Adrienne Porter, Spanish education major; Ann Shoemake, doctoral student in Communication Studies; and Sunny Wachtel, master's student in Southeast Asian Studies and Business Administration.

Rollin Beamish will spend the year in Germany studying painting and printmaking through working with German artists and creating paintings which examine the historical and contemporary cultural and societal identities of Berlin. In 2004 Beamish was selected for a Joan Mitchell Foundation award, awarded to the ten best graduate student artists in the United States. After completing his master's degree in fine arts, he accepted a position teaching painting and drawing at the University of Missouri. His artwork has been displayed at galleries throughout Ohio and in Chicago. Beamish has traveled extensively throughout Western Europe and is conversational in German. He plans to continue to produce and exhibit artwork after his Fulbright year and to continue teaching.

In Norway, Robert Davis will study that country's international diplomacy and role in NATO through research at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Defense Institute. Davis earned a bachelor's degree in European History from the University of Kansas and a master's degree in history from Ohio University and he now teaches in the Department of History at the university. His Fulbright research will form the basis for his dissertation entitled "NATO, Norway, and the Soviet Navy." After completing his dissertation, Davis plans to teach Modern European History at a college or university in the United States.

Zach Garinger will teach English in Malaysia and conduct research on how tourism promotes Malaysian culture. He will graduate in June with a degree in International Studies and a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. As a member of the Global Learning Community at Ohio University, Garinger traveled to Mexico and Thailand on business development projects. Garinger served as an English conversation partner for the Ohio Program of Intensive English and studied abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador while at Ohio University. He has also spent a month working on an organic farm in Italy. After completing his Fulbright year Garinger plans to join the Peace Corps then pursue a master's degree in an international field.

Carolyn Drake will spend her Fulbright year creating a photo-documentary on how the ongoing transition form a Soviet state to an independent nation is affecting women in L'viv, Ukraine. Drake has received numerous awards for her photography and her work has appeared in several print and on-line publications including National Geographic Magazine. Drake has interned for The Concord Monitor and National Geographic Magazine and now works as a staff photographer at The Palm Beach Post. After returning to the United States Drake plans to exhibit and publish her photographs from Ukraine and to make them the first part of an on-going project documenting cultural change in Eastern Europe and Russia. She hopes to continue creating documentary photographs that foster cross-cultural dialogue.

A teaching assistant in the Global Learning Community, Bryan Morris will work with and study three non-government organizations in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His project will involve evaluating the effectiveness of development projects and establishing a network for collaboration between these organizations and others. Morris has studied Indonesian while at Ohio University. Before coming to the university he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Georgia. After completing his Fulbright year, Morris plans to work professionally on development issues with non-government organizations in Indonesia and pursue a doctorate in public administration.

Kara Petrosky will teach English in a German secondary school. As a high school student Petrosky traveled to Germany for a three-week exchange program. While at Ohio University she spent a quarter studying German and Austrian language and culture in Salzburg, Austria. Petrosky has served as an English conversation partner and as a German tutor and has been involved in Kids on Campus and the Foreign Language in the Elementary School program. In addition to teaching English at the high school level in Germany, Petrosky will also volunteer to teach English to children and will conduct research among her German students on their motivation to study foreign languages and the benefits of language instruction. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in German or education.

Adrienne Porter will serve as an English teaching assistant at a university in Chile. At Ohio University Porter has served as an English conversation partner and Spanish tutor. She has studied abroad in Mexico and Ecuador and will graduate in the spring with certificates in Latin American studies and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. While in Chile, Porter hopes to study history and women's studies and volunteer for a women's rights organization in addition to teaching English. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in Spanish and women's studies and to pursue a career in teaching high school Spanish.

Ann Shoemake will study communication and the preservation of community identity in South Kalimantan, Indonesian. This research will form the basis of her doctoral dissertation. A fluent speaker of Indonesian, she earned her master's degree in Southeast Asian studies at Ohio University and has been involved with projects focusing on community development, conflict resolution and inter-religious dialogue in Indonesia. Shoemake's future plans involve working with a national or international organization focusing on peace-building and conflict transformation or teaching in a related program at the university level.

Sunny Wachtel will study the management of a multicultural workforce at five companies in Penang, Malaysia. While in Malaysia she will take language and management courses at the University Sains Malaysia. Wachtel earned her bachelor's degree in German at Ohio University and traveled to Thailand and Hong Kong as a member of the Global Learning Community. While at OU Wachtel has studied the Indonesian language. She plans to work as a consultant for Appalachian companies seeking to do business abroad and to work on facilitating trade between the United States and Asia.

The purpose of the Fulbright grants is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Clodfelter, the Fulbright Program advisor, at 593-2302 or clodfele@ohio.edu or visit Ohio University's Fulbright Web page at www.ohiou.edu/internationalstudies/fulbright.htm

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Media Contact: Elizabeth Clodfelter, (740) 593-2302 or clodfele@ohio.edu; Jennifer Cochran, (740) 593-1842 or cochraj1@ohio.edu

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