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Monday, April 4, 2005
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Survivors of Residence Challenge are announced

ATHENS, Ohio (April 4, 2005) -- The Ohio University-sponsored Residence Challenge ended March 11 after an eight-week long competition. Students living in the Convocation Center won the overall competition with a 41 percent savings in their energy and water use.

The top three halls from West Green were the Convocation Center, Sargent and Ryors tied for second with 36 percent savings and Boyd with 33 percent savings. From East Green, the top halls were Shively with 35 percent savings, Perkins with 33 percent savings and Scott with 30 percent savings. Lastly, the top halls from South Green were Cady with 27 percent savings, Brough and Wray tied for second with 26 percent savings and Armbruster with 25 percent savings.

A percentage of the combined savings achieved during the competition will be awarded in cash to the hall councils of the winning residence halls at an awards banquet April 18. The Convocation Center, Shively and Cady will each receive $894. Sargent, Ryors, Perkins, Brough and Wray will each receive $372, and Boyd, Scott and Armbruster will receive $223 apiece. Overall, the challenge saved the university $47,872 in energy costs.

The Residence Challenge was created to promote "real-life" survival by using less and preserving planetary resources. The challenge began Jan. 17 with all of Ohio University's 41 residence halls competing against one another to reduce energy and water use.

Students were encouraged to turn off lights when leaving a room, to take shorter and fewer showers, to turn off their computers at night, to turn off faucets while brushing their teeth and to turn off air conditioners when dorm rooms were unoccupied.

Ohio University spends $11 million on utility costs each year. By 2020, it is projected to be $19.1 million. If students help to lower these costs, it could slow the rising tuition rates and housing costs. Over the last three years, students saved an average of $80,000 during the competition.

The Residence Challenge is sponsored by VESTAR and Ohio University Facilities Management. The duo is currently developing a campus renewal project to improve campus facilities and increase savings for the university. They also aim to create a better working, learning and living environment for all students.

To learn more about the Residence Challenge, visit: www.facilities.ohiou.edu/cinergysolutions/challenge_factsheet.htm.

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