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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
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Professor to appear in History Channel program

ATHENS, Ohio (Nov. 30, 2004) -- Ohio University Associate Professor of History Norman Goda is among the individuals interviewed for the program "Hitler's Lost Plan," which will be broadcast by The History Channel at 9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 2. Goda was interviewed this summer for the program.

Goda is a consultant to the U.S. government interagency working group that is reviewing millions of still-classified U.S. intelligence records on Nazi Germany and Nazi war criminals. The book from this effort, "U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis," will appear in January from Cambridge University Press. He is presently completing a book entitled "Tales from Spandau: The Nuremberg War Criminals and the Cold War."

"Hitler's Lost Plan" tells the little known story of Hitler's unpublished sequel to "Mein Kampf." For years historians and others have wondered what Hitler's true intentions were. Did his territorial ambitions end in Europe? Did he truly believe his rhetoric, or was he simply an opportunist whose only true goal was power?

"Hitler's Lost Plan" lays helps answer these questions by revealing the significance of a unedited secret book Hitler wrote in 1928 but locked in a safe and never published. Although he was far from power, Hitler laid out his foreign policy intentions and his justification for all that will follow. The documentary offers a remarkable look into Hitler's mind and the true nature of Nazi ideology.

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