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Monday, September 22, 2003
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Building on our mission

Ohio University President Robert Glidden
President Robert Glidden
"Beyond the brick: Building on Ohio University's mission" is the theme of President Glidden's most recent annual report. Brick is synonomous with Ohio University. It's in the cobbled streets and Georgian architectural style. We tread its precise paths that cut through campus, and we're greeted by its natural grandeur as we pass through entranceways of structures with such venerable names as Cutler, Alden, Baker and Peden.

But Ohio University embodies much more than stout academic sanctuaries of burnt-red clay. Inside these walls, we nurture our minds and spirits, outside these walls, we seek meaningful connections with the world.

Ohio University has a multifaceted mission that combines academics, social and community elements. Much like the enduring bricks that form Ohio University's structural foundation, these elements form the basis for our future as a comprehensive, national university.

Five major goals comprise the mission of Ohio University:

  1. Providing undergraduate students with a distinctive education that prepares them for life and career.

  2. Fostering creative master's programs that emphasize preparation for further graduate work and provide students with the skills to excel in professional roles.

  3. Maintaining excellence in research through support for creative activity and the search for new information, knowledge and understanding.

  4. Maximizing the learning opportunities afforded by a residential campus environment.

  5. Expanding service and outreach to the region.

The five-part "Beyond the Brick" series in Outlook starting Sept. 23 reveals how our adherence to Ohio University's mission is influencing the lives of students, faculty and community members inside and outside Ohio University's enduring brick walls.

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