CommonSpot V9 Upgrade Updates

Please check here for updates throughout the upgrade process.

  • Authoring was restored:   at 10:10 am, Saturday morning.

  • Post-Upgrade work:   please go to for details, including a list of known problems and how to report problems that are not listed.

  • Website Availability:   Public access to the Front Door pages was continuous throughout the upgrade, except for a few seconds when we cut over from the old system to the new system around midnight, Friday evening.

  • Forms:   Pages with CommonSpot forms were redirected to an outage page for the duration of the authoring freeze. Even though these forms could still collect data, that data would have been lost when we cut over to the new servers; redirecting those pages prevented loss of form submissions' data.

  • Authoring Freeze:   Authoring was frozen while we were in the process of upgrading CommonSpot from V8 to V9. The freeze began at 7 am Thursday morning, December 17, and ended at 10:10 am on Saturday, December 19.

If you have any questions, please contact the service desk at 740.593.1222.