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Conducting Final Exams

It is expected that the instructor, teaching assistant, graduate assistant, or other appropriate person selected by the instructor serve as a proctor to quizzes, exams and finals. Please do not expect student operators to serve as proctors.

As many of you know conducting a final exam at a distance can create challenges. When managing a final at one site with students at several locations, academic integrity of the testing environment is difficult to control. Academic dishonety is always a concern. Please use whatever feasible testing method that you feel is appropriate to your class(es); however, please consider practical security issues associated with testing at a distance. Create an environment that will ensure reasonable and fair testing; envision your testing policies so that you may develop a strategy that works for you. Depending on how much your subject matter allows, on-line and take home exams may be appropriate for your course.

Scheduling Final Exams

The OULN distance learning classes exam schedule will follow that of the regional campuses exam schedule. Every class session relies on the audio/video ‘real-time’ connection of each participating site’s unique classroom; these connections are vital to an OULN course.

The OULN website will post the upcoming semester's final exam schedule at least one week prior to the start of that semester. Please check our website to obtain the OULN final exam connection time scheduled for your OULN course.




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