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If your course requires the distribution of handouts, quizzes and/or tests you will soon realize paperwork distribution is one of the hardest challenges to overcome in a distance learning environment. However, with proper planning and adequate time management, together we can bridge the gap created by the physical distance between you and your students.

Instructors are responsible for preparing course material for their home campus students. 

OULN Staff can assist you with distribution to and from your other sites. 


At any time, OULN Staff may be away from their offices expectedly or unexpectedly. After an appropriate amount of time, should you not receive a response from the staff member you are intending to contact, it would be advisable to contact the HELP DESK 740-597-2934.

Blackboard COURSE SITE

All of your course documents can be posted to your site.
The Ohio University Office of Information Technology Service Desk (740-593-1222) is available to answer questions about Blackboard. Also this link to their website offers many self help guides http://www.ohio.edu/oit/bbsupport/howto/faculty/index.cfm.

E-MAILINGams and
When emailing please copy both Zachary Tumblin (tumblinz@ohio.edu) and David Sorden (sordend@ohio.edu ). 

A Federal Express account has been issued to OULN through University Outreach and Regional Campuses. This method of shipping is efficient and provides a tracking number on each airbill. OULN business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Emergencies happen, but, planning ahead for shipping is expected from each instructor. All information and paperwork should be given to your Athens contact two or more days in advance. Instructors, you should have the appropriate number of copies prepared for each one of your students prior to shipping. In Athens, your contact for distributing materials to the regional campuses Zachary Tumblin (740-593-0241).

Each campus has access to a fax machine somewhere on their campus. This is a last resort and we would encourage you try to avoid this method at all costs. When operators are busy faxing, copying or scanning, they are not operating the class. Remember, operators are available for technical support and are not Support Staff. 


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