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Faculty Compensation


Instructor salary compensation for overload/adjunct courses taught on the Ohio University Learning Network (OULN) will be at the normal overload/adjunct rate as long as income generated by student credit hours equals (breaks even with) faculty base salary for the course. Compensation for an OULN course that is less than break-even will be pro-rated up to normal overload rates based on average fee income per student credit generated in the course.

For on load teaching OULN teaching assignments, there will be no salary beyond additional compensation for travel and/or delivery as applicable (see below).


OULN instructors will confirm reimbursement for travel expenses with the receiving campus(es)/center(s) associate dean(s) before the course is offered. This includes faculty who are eligible by university policy, https://www.ohio.edu/policy/41-121.html, for mileage reimbursement given the large amount of expense that can be associated with mileage. Each campus may determine limits for travel reimbursement.


Compensation for broadcasting to additional campuses/center will be $150 or a higher amount based on the listing below. To be eligible for a higher amount, total enrollment must be at least 16.


         $250, 3-5 off-site students above the minimum 16 total enrollment

         $500, 6-11 off-site students above the minimum 16 total enrollment

         $750, 12-17 off-site students above the minimum 16 total enrollment

         $1000, 18 or more off-site students above the minimum 16 total enrollment


Example 1: HIST 1310 with 10 students at Eastern (home campus) and 12 students at Zanesville (receiving site). Total students is 22 with 6 students at the off-site location beyond what is needed to reach the 16 min. Delivery compensation would be $500.


Example 2: ATCH 2090 with 18 students at Lancaster (home campus), 3 students at Southern (receiving site) and 2 students at Chillicothe (receiving site). Total students is 23 with all 5 students at the off-site location beyond the 16 min. Delivery compensation would be $250.


Because of the discounted College Credit Plus tuition and the added cost to the broadcasting campus/center, delivery compensation will normally be excluded for OULN sections broadcasted to schools under the CC+ program.

Course Preparation

All faculty scheduled to teach on OULN for the first time will be offered training before the start of the semester that the course will be delivered on OULN. Basic preparation will include an orientation session and/or handouts on operation and features of OULN equipment and how various aspects of OULN courses are conducted, e.g. testing and course evaluations, as well as copyright concerns with media utilized over the OULN system. There will be no compensation for course preparation/development.


Broadcasting Campus Compensation

For overload/adjunct OULN courses, the broadcasting campus will obtain compensation from the receiving campus(es)/center(s) in the amount equal to their proportionate shares of the overload instructor salary according to the number of students enrolled.

For OULN courses taught on load, the broadcasting campus/center will obtain compensation from the receiving campuses in total equal to the cost of an overload course including associated benefits (retirement, medicare and worker compensation). The receiving campuses will share that cost proportionately according to the number of students enrolled.

Delivery compensation and agreed upon travel compensation will be supported by receiving campuses/centers according to the proportion of students taught off-site by the instructor.

Point-to-Point Agreements

This agreement supersedes all past OULN and Point-to-Point Agreements. It does not preclude campus/centers from entering into alternate cost sharing structures for point-to-point classes. However, alternate agreements will provide standard instructor compensation amounts as noted above.

Please refer questions to The Office of Regional Higher Education.

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