please follow these short few steps:

1. Fill out the OUCTM form (click here to access it)

2. Fill out the OCTM form (click here to access it)

3. Submit both forms, along with your dues of only $20 (cash or check, made payable to OUCTM) to an exec. member. (check out the "Who Are We?" page for contacts.)
4. $15 goes towards OUCTM and pays for:
     a. Materials: copies for presentations; university information; records; etc. 
     b. Socials: Held 1-3 times per quarter.
     c. NCTM Affiliate Services: OUCTM is an affiliate of 
         NCTM and we must pay yealy dues, which in 
         turn, gives us the chance to provide members 
         with some of their resources.
    d. Speakers/Presenters
    e. Food at meetings.
    f. T-Shirt
5. $5 goes towards OCTM:
    a. Ohio Journal of School Mathematics
    b. Newletters
    c. Leadership Conferences
    d. Annual Meetings
    e. Scholarships
    f.  NCTM Affiliation services
   g. OCTM Math contest for children.                                                         

All Members Must Join the Listserv!

To join, follow these simple steps:

1. Send an email to
2. In the BODY, type: subscribe ouctm-L end
3. Leave the SUBJECT blank
4. You will receive a confirmation email.