Navigating Research Administration at Ohio University
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Between 1998 and 2009 the extramural funding volume at OHIO doubled. Now we enter a new era with new research facilities, the promise of additional facilities, many new deans and faculty, and a new president and administration with a heightened emphasis on research. What lies around the next corner for OHIO? Opportunity. President McDavis has set the sights for the University higher, by focusing on OHIO becoming a nationally prominent research institution. The climate of some federally sponsored research, however, will require even greater ambition from OHIO’s faculty and staff. The National Science Foundation has recently reported that research and development expenditures at universities and colleges reached an all time high of $51.9 million in fiscal year 2008. Although the funding level for research is unprecedented, researchers face other obstacles. Another federal agency, The National Institutes of Health, has reported that they expect an increase in competitiveness for funding, predicting that their success rate will drop in the coming years.

What does this mean for the faculty and staff at OHIO? Simply, that increased competitiveness and cooperation is needed by all groups in order to achieve our new goal. This publication, Navigating Research Administration at Ohio University, is one tool to foster cooperation and efficiency in research administration. Whether you are a researcher, student or administrator, this guide provides you with the necessary information from all campus departments that are affiliated with research at OHIO.

This guide was made available in an interactive web version in Spring 2006. As you work your way through the publication, any comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Please feel free to contact us at 740.593.0378 or via e-mail at

Let’s work together to take OHIO to the next level!

Shane L. Gilkey
Assistant Vice President for Research

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs