LEO's Electronic "Short Form" Replaces Space Form   
According to Ohio University policy, all continuing externally funded projects must provide annual disclosure of university space being utilized for the project, and conflict of interest status pertinent to the project. This information is required even if no Ohio University space is being utilized for the project, and or there are no conflicts of interests to disclose. The LEO component which aids in the processing of these updates is the electronic Short Form (eSF).

The eSF is used for project continuations that do not require a new Transmittal Form (which is only needed if supplemental funds have been requested). Additionally, the eSF should be submitted ANY time there is a change in PI or Co-PI on the project, the space used for research, a change in the conflict of interest status of an investigator, or a change in the distribution of recovered Facilities and Administrative(F & A) costs.

The eSF can be accessed from anywhere there is internet service. The eSF is accessed by using any internet browser software at https://leo.research.ohio.edu and entering your Ohio University *OAK ID (username) and password.

Next, select “e-Transmittals”; select “create a short form from existing transmittal”; type an answer to any one of the search criteria for the transmittal to which you wish to link, and you will find a new field called “Matching Transmittals” below your query. Select the grey icon which resembles a stack of paper on the far left of your screen. If you do not have this icon, please call Patti at 740.593.9987 or E-mail: lieb@ohio.edu; Thea at 740.593.2856 or E-mail: arocho@ohio.edu; or Audra at 740.593.9986 or E-mail:huddya@ohio.edu according to their departmental assignments.

*If you have not been issued an OAK ID and password or cannot remember your information, contact Information Technology at 740.593.1222. Note: Students DO NOT have access to LEO.
ORSP 104 and 105 Research & Technology Center, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701-2979, Tel 740.593.0378, Fax 740.593.0379, E-mail orsp@ohio.edu.

Page updated on October 13, 2009