Last Updated:  April 12, 2004


The Road to Charlotte...
Win Together, Lose Together,
Play Together, Stay Together

The teams got back to Athens around 8 pm Sunday night. They has a SUPER trip...the weather was awesome and they all played our hearts out!!!


---Photos from Nationals on photo page---

Memos from Heidi & Lolo:

Dear Girls,
Thank you SO much
for such an amazing trip and a great year! Way to go on winning 2nd place in Silver at Nationals!!! We had some tough breaks, but we are proud of each and every one of you! You each made our experiences as Pres. and Vice Pres. very memorable!

To the OU Men’s Team:
We all had a great time this weekend! Thanks for cheering us on and for all the great times we had on the bus and in Charlotte. Congrats on placing 9th in the Nation!!! You deserve it! We look forward to upcoming socials and to next season!

Dear Dave,
We're speaking for the entire team when we say "You Are IRREPLACEABLE!!" Thanks for sticking with us the entire year and being such a supporter. You made each practice and tournament more enjoyable (and at times, much easier on us :0)! We hope to see you back next year. The girls would be lucky to have you back!

Jeff and Roger,
Thanks for stepping in and helping with practices and coaching for Nationals. Even though it was a hard transition, we really appreciate all you have done!

Mr. Rahn,
Although you have been behind the scenes, we wanted everyone to know who was the creator of this AWESOME website! Thanks so much for updating it throughout the year! It looks great!!

Much Love to Everyone!!

Heidi and Lolo :0)

April 4, 2004
---THURS, FRI, & SAT---
The Women travel today, Sunday, to OSU to scrimmage in preparation for Nationals in Charlotte next weekend.
They board a charter bus on Wednesday, April 7th, along with the OU men’s club VB team, for the trip south.
February, 2004
Serve-Receive at Red Brick!
Team members are serving at the Red Brick as a fund-raiser for expenses to Nationals.  Serve food & drinks...Receive cash!!
Bowled Over at Bowling Green
One OU stretch-van and 2 cars took the trek to Bowling Green on February 28th weekend and stayed at Sara’s house...great breakfast!  The A-Team made it into the brackets, but lost to Kent State.
Univ. of Kentucky
Both teams played very well, even being stretched thin with only 7 players available for each team.  The “A” Team made it into the Gold bracket, finishing out with a defeat by Miami’s A team.  The “B” Team made a strong run in the Silver bracket, but was beaten by Virginia Tech’s A team.  Katie and Heidi were the designated drivers, commandeering OU’s 15 Passenger vans to Louisville, Ky and back.  Thanks, ladies!!
GROVER ALL WET! (Feb 19th)
Get out your skis or your rollerblades!  Water damage from a broken pipe around the gym at Grover buckled and warped the floor in the practice court area.  About the only thing one could do there right now would be to run the moguls across the floor.

With two important weekend tournaments coming up, the teams had to get creative and use limited “open court” space for practice.


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