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UPC, KegFly and Dave Rave Present: JERSDAY

Thursday, February 24
8pm - 2am
The Pigskin

A Jersey Shore viewing PARTY with Late Night Raving!

FREE FOOD & AWESOME DJ's: DJ B-Funk of Dave Rave and special guest DJ Brooklyn Earick will be ripping it up!

Music will start at 8pm and then we will be watching an episode of Jersey Shore at 10pm! This event is 18+ until 11pm so everyone is invited! Because of the theme we will be RAGGING hard and an electronic music post show! Come ready to rave Jersey Shore Style and Dress the part to win the Look-a-Like Contest!

*DJ Brooklyn Earick is from Ohio, but is currently based in New York. He has held residencies in New York, Las Vegas, Japan and the Cayman Islands and just returned from a European tour. Brooklyn will be opening for Grammy Award nominee Morgan Page in Columbus, Feb 26th.

100 Things To Do Before You Graduate!

Join us as we count down from 100 to 1!

Seniors...hopefully you have completed most of these things over the past few years, but if not, this is your chance to experience the best of OU and Athens before graduation!

Check back each week for additions to the list...Enjoy!

100. Attend International Street Fair
99. Go ice-skating at Bird Arena
98. Meet with your advisor and declare a major
97. Slip on ice during winter quarter
96. Join a student organization
95. Play a game on an intramural sports team
94. Bowl at Rollerbowl Lanes
93. Dress up and attend OU Halloween
92. Participate in Homecoming Weekend
91. Walk into the wrong classroom on accident
90. Go to a UPC meeting on Tuesdays, at 7:30 p.m.
89. Cook and eat at a vegan workshop
88. Watch a UPCinema Movie
87. Become a member of O-Zone
86. Grab dinner at slice night at Courtside Pizza & Sports Bar
85. Find a seat at Shively Dining Hall … Good luck!
84. Go to an open mic night at Donkey Coffee & Espresso
83. Go to at least one event for each sports team
82. Experience Walmart late at night
81. Bring sibs for Sibs Weekend
80. Try Miller’s Chicken
79. Hang out on Radar Hill
78. Play golf at the OU golf course
77. Watch an independent film at the Athena Cinema
76. Get involved with the Campus Involvement Center
75. Create a resume
74. Find out about Greek Life and decide if it's for you
73. Play with puppies at Petland!
72. Sing your heart out at a late-night karaoke
71. Stand up and cheer with The Marching 110
70. Chow down on mango salsa from Big Mamma's Burritos
69. Network at a career fair
68. Ride a CATS bus
67. Order D.P. Dough
66. Be a participant in a psychology experiment
65. Attend a Performing Arts Series event
64. Wake up to early morning construction on ANY green
63. Get creative at Beads & Things
62. Do your laundry in one of the residence hall’s laundry facilities
61. Befriend your landlord and sign your lease early
60. Witness the pickle eating contest at Bagel Street Deli
59. Play in a sand volleyball game on South Beach
58. Climb the rock wall at Ping
57. Walk/run/rollerblade/bike on the bike path
56. Apply for an internship or a job!
55. Take a tumble down Morton Hill and count every step up Jeff Hill
54. Rock out at a school concert... For free!
53. Walk in the annual Mom’s Walk for a Cure
52. Experience a dining hall brunch and themed dinner
51. Pull an all-nighter at Alden Library
50. Get serenaded by Singing Men of Ohio and Woman’s Chorale at a concert
49. Be a pool shark at the bottom of Baker Center
48. Complete the crossword puzzle in Friday’s Post without cheating!
47. Find a mentor on the Bobcat Mentor Network
46. Eat Naan at Star of India
45. Read the wall under the art building
44. Check out Galbreath Chapel
43. Go to Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant
42. Smoke hookah at Athens Pyramids Café
41. Say hi to students and parents on a campus tour
40. Go to an art show in Baker Center and visit the art galleries
39. Go on a trip with Outdoor Pursuits
38. Eat lunch on the monument and on the Athens City Courthouse steps
37. Buy some fruits and vegetables at the farmers market
36. Do crafts at The Dairy Barn
35. Hear yourself echo in the middle of the 4th floor of Baker Center
34. Get a huge slice of Good Fellas Pizza
33. Go to Taco Tuesdays at Taco John’s
32. Swim laps in the Aquatic Center
31. Take pictures of the cherry blossoms during spring
30. Soak up the sun at Stroud’s Run
29. Read the literature on the Ellis lavatory walls
28. Kiss someone in the kissing circle
27. Sled down Jeff Hill
26. Experience the history of The Ridges and The Kennedy Art Museum
25. Spray paint the graffiti wall
24. Eat at all the uptown establishments
23. Choose to dance at Dance or Die
22. Visit the Athens Mall
21. Participate in a community service project
20. Explore Old Mans Cave in the Hocking Hills State Park
19. Play a game of putt-putt at The Ridges
18. Take a late-night trip to a buggy
17. Break a sweat in an exercise class at Ping
16. Revisit your younger years and check out 90’s Night on the Green
15. Rent a movie from the library
14. Go to the Fun Barn in Nelsonville
13. Utilize 594-RIDE
12. See a show at The Union Bar and Grill
11. Enjoy all of the Senior Week events
10. Relax during finals with a massage at Ping
9. Be amazed at the Senior Dance Concert
8. Leave with an Athens brick
7. Introduce yourself to President McDavis when you see him on campus
6. Walk through the College Green Campus Gate
5. Groove with the piano player on Court Street
4. Trip on the bricks
3. Make the Dean’s List
2. Visit your Alumni Association


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Daze of Love

Monday, February 14
Table for Two
6-8 pm
Baker Ballroom B
A delicious 3 course meal to share with someone special on Valentine's Day. See the special events page for more info!

Tuesday, February 15
Date Auction
7-9 pm
The Frontroom
All proceeds will benefit Athens Goodworks.

Wednesday, February 16
Psychic Fair
1-4 pm
Baker Theater Lounge
Drop by to have your fortune told by a professional psychic!

Thursday, February 17
Free Cookie Decorating
8 pm - until supplies last
West 82 (Baker)
Come decorate cookies for your friends, loved ones, and yourself. All supplies will be provided and it's absolutely free!

Cup of Court

Wednesday, January 12
Baker Center Theater Lounge
1-3 pm

Coffee and snacks from your favorite shops in Athens!

SHRIEK WEEK - In Celebration of Halloween!

Dustin Pari, the ROCKSTAR paranormal investigator from Syfy's Ghosthunters International will be speaking in Baker Ballroom at 8pm, followed by a brief QnA session, followed by an exclusive ghost hunt for 40 people (around 10pm). The speech at 8 will cost $1 at the door and the ghost hunt will cost $10 (tix will be sold the week before and after Monday's speech if any are left over)

Athens History Walking Tour, tour group will meet up @6pm outside the 4th floor of Baker and led by local expert Joanne Prisley. + UPCinema: Twilight - Eclipse will be shown at 7 in the Baker Theater for $1

How-To Thriller Class. Learn how to do the Michael Jackson THRILLER dance from 6-7pm in the Theater Lounge. + UPCinema: Twilight - Eclipse will be shown at 7 in the Baker Theater for $1

Pumpkin Carving from 7-9 in the Theater Lounge. FREE (supplies limited of course)

Halloween Safety/Info Table with FREE drinks + candy from 11-2 outside Baker 4th FLoor

2010 Media Arts & Studies Video Festival
June 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th
Baker Theater
See schedule below

Join the School of Media Arts & Studies and UPC in celebrating past and present work of MDIA students in a four day event!

Tickets are $5 for all screenings, or $1 for the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday screenings. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, June 1st in the RTV building room 202 from 8am - 5pm daily and will also be on sale at the theater thirty minutes prior to each showing.

Schedule of Events:
Download pamphlet here

Thursday, June 3rd @ 6PM:
Guerrsfest – Submitted class and/or independent projects to be showcased from the School of Media Arts & Studies.

MDIA 221: Lighting Assignments - Kristin Raimondi & Company
MDIA 253: Sound of Music (A Horror Trailer) - Matt Mantyla
Uncle Skeleton Music Video - Davis Chambers
Scene Unheard - Kramer Ditty & Andrew Logan
Cohabitation - Crack Bang Productions
Stretched - Mata Hari Productions
Makeup & Vanity Set Music Video - Davis Chambers
Chopsticks - Jeff Kolada
Blute - E.Will Productions

Friday, June 4th @ 6PM:
Time – 2002 (Director: Brad Bear) - A married couple’s dull existence is changed forever when a bank robber seeks sanctuary in their home.
Ziggy - 2003 (Director: Tommy Dome) - “A refutation of the abovementioned opinion and a solution of the arguments”
Greasy Lake – 2004 (Director: Jordan Blum) - One summer night, three rebellious youths suddenly, violently, begin the passage to manhood. Based on the short story by T.C. Boyle.
The Vacation – 2005 (Director: Jordan Blum) - Have you ever wanted to get away? From yourself? A dark, horror/comedy in which a man meets his doppelganger.
Peanut Butter – 2007 (Director: Pat Norman) - The coming of age tale of an elementary school student trying to help his pregnant neighbor the only way he knows how.

Saturday, June 5th @ 6PM:
Dying Western – 2008 (Director: Michael Kortlander) - Howard, a 1960’s movie extra, makes his living by dying. Which, for his family, makes dying more than unbearable.
Trailerpark - 2009 (Co-Directors: Jonny Look & Patrick Muhlberger) - It’s the most eventful year in the most unlikely of places, as the eclectic residents of a small town trailer park are forced to interact under peculiar circumstances.

Sunday, June 6th @ 3PM and 7PM: New MDIA 419 productions.
Death of the Cool - In the '90s, Edison Banks was a guitarist for the popular band Structural, affording him the luxuries of living in a California beach town and driving an American hot-rod. Now at age 44, Edison's life seems an affront to his exciting past. Instead of making music he writes reviews for magazines and after his wife leaves, struggles to find companionship. After a few failed attempts to connect with the locals, he finally befriends an enthusiastic fan, named Lyle. Edison's fight to retain his youthfulness ultimately turns sour when Lyle shatters his trust ...www.deathofthecool.net

A Human Condition - Set in 1947 Soviet Russia in an underground human testing facility. Based on the short story, “The Russian Sleep Experiment,” A Human Condition follows three scientists who conduct an experiment that will determine whether or not there is a way to keep human beings awake indefinitely. Things however take an unexpected turn and the scientists are faced with questions of morality, accountability, and the ultimate question of what makes us human?

The Schartz - Metterklume Method - Tells the tale of Claretta, a mysterious do-gooder, who is mistaken by the wealthy Atwater family for their newly hired nanny. Claretta shakes the family dynamic up, putting the overbearing Mrs. Atwater in her place, giving the cowardice Mr. Atwater a bit of courage, and allowing their adoring kids to re-enact the greatest moments of history using the Shartz-Metterklume teaching method. However, when Claretta is discovered for the fraud that she is, things take a turn for the worst....www.schartzmetterklume.com

The Treeshaker’s Worry - Based upon the story written and illustrated by Andrea Levy, The Treeshaker’s Worry follows the story of a little girl who discovers the old man who is responsible for setting up the day. From waking the birds by shaking the trees to raising the sun, she follows him night after night, eventually learning his ways. The Treeshaker’s Worry is an imaginative and visual story about responsibility told through the art of stop motion animation...www.treeshaker.wordpress.com

Art Fest

Tuesday, May 11
Baker Center: 2nd and 3rd floors
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

An opportunity to showcase your work!

Come and check out submissions and performances by students and community members! The show is open for entries to all art medium appropriate for public display. Refreshments will be provided as well as musical entertainment.

Piper Perabo
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Baker Ballroom
7:30 pm

Join us for the guest appearance of one of OU's very own alumni...Piper Perabo! She will be speaking about her experience at OU as well as her career as an actress.

Also, in anticipation of her visit, Coyote Ugly will be played in Baker Theater on Monday, January 11 at 9pm.

Both events are FREE!!

Piper Perabo is one of the most talented and versatile actresses working today.  In May, she made her stage debut in Neil Labute’s controversial play REASONS TO BE PRETTY directed by Terry Kinney. Although new to the theater, she is no stranger to the screen.  In 2007, she was seen in Christopher Nolan’s THE PRESTIGE with Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson, in BECAUSE I SAID SO with Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore and Lauren Graham and in FIRST SNOW, a film directed by Mark Fergus, costarring Guy Pearce and Adam Scott.  Next, Perabo can be seen in John Glenn’s disturbing thriller THE HEAVEN PROJECT with Paul Walker and Disney’s SOUTH OF THE BORDER alongside Jaime Lee Curtis. Perabo recently finished filming Paramount Vantage’s CARRIERS in New Mexico.  She plays the female lead opposite Chris Pine and Lou Taylor Pucci in the post apocalyptic thriller about four friends trying to escape a viral pandemic. Some of her more recent films include CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2, romantic comedy IMAGINE ME & YOU and the crime drama 10th & WOLF.  Her feature film debut was in the comedy WHITE BOYZ, written by Danny Hoch. She also starred in the comedy caper THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE opposite Robert De Niro and Renee Russo. Piper lives in New York City.

Back to the Future
Thursday, October 14, 2009
Baker Theater
9 pm

In celebration of Homecoming this weekend and it's theme "Traveling Through Time," UPC and BSCPB would like to invite you to join us for Back to the Future! Hot chocoloate and popcorn will be provided. Hope to see you there for this classic movie event.

Gustavo Perez Firmat
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Baker Center Theater

On September 29, 2009 at 7:30 pm in Baker Center Theater, UPC is hosting a lecture by poet, fiction writer and scholar Gustavo Perez Firmat. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida, he is currently a professor at Columbia University he has written multiple books and collections of poetry and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards. In 1997 he was named in Newsweek's "100 Americans to watch for the next century" and Hispanic Business Magazine included him in their list of the "100 most influential Hispanics."

Slice of Athens
Friday, September 11, 2009 (Rain Date: September 18, 2009)
South Beach (Front Four on South Green)
Laser Tag 1-4pm, Pizza 2-4pm

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