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Fall 2003



            The Dating Game




                                                            Self Defense    




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Some Past Programs:

            Some of our past programs have included:


            The Dating Game

This is an annual event aimed at bring together diverse audiences through a fun activity where everyone can enjoy themselves and meet new people.


            Car Care Workshop, Spring 2001

Not many young women know the basics of taking car of their car, and it’s not because we don’t want to! This was an opportunity for us to ask questions and to get to know our car a little better.


          Resume Writing Workshop, Winter 2002, 2003

Your resume is the first thing an employer sees, so you want to have it as accurate as possible.  This was a time when we could ask what exactly employers wanted to see on a resume and how to make it as neat as possible.


                                                            Relationship Discussion Winter 2002, 2003

This was a time when both men and women can discuss their views on how a relationship should be. We talked about the roles of men and women in a typical relationship, problems that can occur and why, and what each saw in the “perfect” mate.

Other topics: Open vs. Closed relationships, What does it meaning to be “talking”