Thai FlagThe Kingdom of Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in southeast Asia with its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, robust cuisine and ruins of fabulous ancient kingdoms. Few countries are so well endowed.

From the stupa-studded mountains of Mae Hong Son and the verdant limestone islands of the Andaman Sea, to the pulse-pounding dance clubs of Bangkok and the tranquil villages moored along the Mekong River, Thailand offers something for every type of traveller. - Lonely Planet


Blue Skies

Lonely Planet recommends
travelling to Thailand between February and March for the best weather.

March - June
Dryer than humid, HOT
Avg. Daytime Temp: 95F / 35C

July - November
Monsoon Season, Cloudy, Humid
Avg. Daytime Temp: 89F / 32C

November - February
Dryer than humid, Cooler than hot
Avg. Daytime Temp: 86F / 30C

Average Daytime Temperatures are for Central Thailand.


Getting AroundSuvarnabhumi Airport

Taxis to Tuk-Tuks
Getting around Thailand is much easier than you might think.

Bangkok contains a skytain (BTS) and subway (MTS) system and is always crowded with buses and metered taxis. The skytrain and subway alone can take you near most tourist attractions.

Air-conditioned buses can be used to visit other parts of Thailand outside of Bangkok and are fast, affordable, and well-serviced.

Trains are comfortable, punctual, moderately priced, and slow. Although, they have option of providing sleeping berths.

Motorcycle rentals can be found anywhere and are very cheap. Be sure to check the condition of the bike thoroughly before renting as flat tires can be common. Keep in mind that road rules in Thailand are not often adhered to and other modes of transportation are much safer. DO NOT ride a motorcycle in Bangkok!

Panang Curry

Rice for Every Meal
Thai food is known for being hot and spicy, but this is not true for all dishes. All extremes of flavor can be found in Thai food from spicy, sweet, sour, or salty.

Salads are sour, sweet, and spicy from a combination fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and peppers.

Soups can be hot and spicy or bland depending on how it is to be eaten. Some soup is meant to be spooned onto rice.

Desserts are usually a combination of fruits like sticky rice with mangos or bananas. Other popular desserts include fruit syrup with crushed ice and coconut cream.

Curries are made from a curry paste that includes herbs and spices. This paste is cooked in coconut juice before the meat is added.

- TourismThailand


Shopper's Paradise
It's not just the bargains that make shopping in Bangkok fun, but the shopping experience itself! You can spend days exploring huge upscale malls and vast, bustling night markets.

In markets and generally any place outside of department stores, shoppers are expected to bargain for a deal. Don't be shy to ask a seller to lower the price because they usually will!

Travel Information
Monk and Student

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British Foreign and Commonwealth Office - provides travel advisories and is typically more informative than the US State Department website.


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