January 19, 2007 – If you would like to buy any triathlon club t-shirts, email

Also, workout and race changes have been made.


January 07, 2007 – Workouts for the Winter Quarter have started and races planned.

Now officially a club sport so attendance counts. T-shirt

Fundraising will also begin soon so plan to sell at least 6 shirts.


December 21, 2006 – Pictures from Nationals, Purdue, and Run at the Ridges

have been added.  Merry Christmas!


November 6, 2006 – Winter Quarter Workout Schedule has been posted

and Officers page has been updated.


November 2, 2006 – We are now officially a club sport!

Winter Quarter workouts will be decided soon, so keep checking back.


October 24, 2006 – Roster and Boilerman photos have been updated.


October 1, 2006 – Back from Purdue BoilerMan!  The Team did great and placed well.



Morgan Staley – 2:31:21 – 2nd in Division

Joe Kelley – 2:40:39 – 22nd in Division

Blake Arthur – 2:38:49 – 20th in Division


Training has also started for fall quarter and the schedule can be found

Under the workout section.

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